5 Must-Have Exhibitor Experiences to Offer Your Booth Guests

April 10, 2024 Desiree Homer

Trade shows are a great way to reach new clients, but how do you stand out from the crowd? Today’s guests expect to be wowed when they visit your event planning booth. If you don’t have stand-out features, they’ll pass right by in favor of a booth that does. So start thinking now about how to showcase your company’s strengths in a way that pulls visitors into your booth and immerses them in the experience. Need ideas? Here are five must-have exhibitor experiences to offer your booth guests. 

1. Games or Contests

After walking through a sea of seemingly endless booths, trade show guests appreciate the chance to have a break and enjoy themselves for a few minutes. Plus, who doesn’t love a giveaway? So, offer games or contests at your booth, but be sure to tie them in with your brand

Games can be as simple as carnival-style games with prizes, or they can be immersive digital games. The point is to make your event services booth appealing and invite guests to linger for a while. Odds are, they’ll be interested in talking before they leave. 

2. A Booth With a Show

Guests love to be entertained, so what better way to draw visitors to your booth than by offering a show? It’s as simple as hiring a performer to jazz up your event booth. Choose a performer who works well with your brand or simply is entertaining enough to pull guests in. 

For example, offer guests a chance to have their portrait done by a caricature artist while you talk business. A small troupe of dancers is sure to attract attention to your booth. Or hire a magician to perform magic tricks for your guests. Comedians, celebrity look-alikes, and musicians are all excellent choices, too. 

3. Bring on the Tech 

Incorporating tech into your booth is one of the essential experiences to offer your booth guests this year. After all, your guests undoubtedly rely on technology, so use that to your advantage. 

There are tons of genius ways you can incorporate tech into your booth, so think about what makes the most sense for your company. 

For instance, do you want to offer guests an exclusive app to use during the show? How about a video playing on loop that showcases photos of your most stunning events? Or go all-out and offer your guests the chance to experience what it’s like to be at one of your events through the use of virtual reality headsets. The sky's the limit here, so be creative! 

4. Social Media Experiences to Offer Your Booth Guests

Integrating social media into your event booth is one of the most effective must-have exhibitor experiences to offer your booth guests. Everyone is on social media these days, and guests want their events to wow on Instagram and other social media sites. So, use your booth to demonstrate your company’s ability to do just that. 

Try displaying your own social media on a wall at your booth so guests can see your social media presence and positive interaction with followers. And give your guests plenty of opportunities for their own social media experiences. A corner set up for photo-ops is perfect. It’s even better if you offer to take photos while you chat! 

5. Amusing Attractions

Sometimes, the best way to draw guests to your event services booth is by offering something completely out of the ordinary that’s just plain fun. If your booth is an entertaining one, guests will not only spend time there, but they will tell others about it, too. That’s why amusing attractions are must-have exhibitor experiences to offer your booth guests.

This is a great opportunity to be creative, as long as space allows. Mechanical bulls, mini golf courses, blacklight games, and high strikers are always a good time. 

As you plan your exhibitor booth, be sure to include one or more of these must-have exhibitor experiences to offer your booth guests. And don’t forget to reserve your booth for The Event Planner Expo - the most high-profile conference for event planning professions! 

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