5 Trending Event Designs to Keep on Your Radar This Year

May 31, 2024 Desiree Homer

Part of being a successful and brilliant New York event planner is keeping tabs and momentum on trending event designs. 2024 has brought in better technology, displays, and more event designs than ever before, and setting trends is on the agenda for this event season. Set the scene for your clients year-round with these seamlessly integrated design trends.

1. Bold and Beautiful

Maximalism is one of the hottest trends this year: vibrant flowers, elegant and borderline baroque furniture, and centerpieces. Table linens are an easy way to incorporate the color-blocking accompaniment, as well as some more intentional floral pieces like cascading chandeliers. Even more important than the trend are the companies that can execute it. Check out some fantastic NYC florists here.

2. Residential-esque Decor For Seating, Meals, and Mingling

Residential decor is about making a space approachable. Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor event, comfortable furniture that could easily be enjoyed in a home fits this trend. Of course, it should be elevated enough to match the total event theme. But comfortable cushions, sofas, and charming throw pillows add an essence of relaxation for guests.

3. Western-inspired Themes and Ambiance 

“Western” is a bit of a spectrum in this trend. Some designs lean more toward the desert color schemes of sage, terra cotta, and gold, while others are going a bit darker and moody, like the ranges of the Pacific Northwest. Many elements of western flora are also integrated into the decor and arrangements, from desert to temperate forest.

4. Natural Wood

Neutral and natural wood features have been a bit iconic this year. The Screen Actors Guild Awards in February had a lovely natural wood entryway in a modern but flowing design. Undulating and organic shapes and textures are also integrated into this design trend. See how you can integrate these pieces into your client’s next event for some subtle show-stopping.

5. Neon And Lights

One of the most intriguing trends is the bright neon and disco-style lighting features integrated into either the dress code or venue design. While it leans into the decades of old, either feature can take some unconventional twists, depending on the event's needs. The rave-style aesthetic is definitely one to pair with a great DJ or live band, though.

Design Trends Aren’t The Only Thing To Keep On Your Radar

While trending event designs are definitely something to watch, The Event Planner Expo 2024 this October in New York City is the one event to keep at the top of your list. Event planners, corporate decision makers, and vendors from every event aspect will be there to connect, network, and showcase their talents. Register as an exhibitor here, showcase your expertise, and gain some insider secrets while you’re at it.

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