8 Insights to Know When Live Streaming Your NYC Events

June 28, 2024 Mario Stewart

FOMO is real. New Yorkers, especially, want to be in the thick of the action. But it’s not always possible to hit up every conference, concert, and NYC event available in The City That Never Sleeps. Life beckons and we all have work and family responsibilities that keep us tethered to one place. Lucky thing for event planners that live streaming NYC events is all the rage. In this article, we share the top insights to track when live streaming your NYC events.

1. Current Viewers

The current viewers metric refers to how people are looking at your live streaming NYC event at any given moment. Track this metric throughout your event to monitor tech issues that would result in a sudden loss of viewers. After the event, analyze the results to glean valuable insights. For example, a noticeable drop midway through the event may indicate yawn-inducing content.

2. Average Watch Time

Like current viewers, average watch time gives you a sense of how captivating your live-streaming content is. Watch time is represented as the average percentage of time viewers watched your live-stream. In a perfect world, you would want your average watch time to be as close to 100% as possible. But, alas, we live in an imperfect world. Babies cry, clients call, and Facebook’s blue and white icon is an ever-calling beacon.  Realistically, a respectable average watch time is between 30 and 40 percent.  

3. Unique Visitors

Counting unique visitors tells you how many people attended your live-streaming event. This events metric counts an individual viewer only once, even if the viewer logs off and then logs back on again. Knowing your unique visitor count is the most reliable indicator of the success of your events marketing strategy.

4. Domain Data

If you’re broadcasting your NYC live streaming event on multiple platforms, domain data will give you information about which channels attendees are using to access your content. Knowing whether you’re attracting more viewers on Facebook rather than Instagram has a big impact on your social media marketing efforts for future NYC events.

5. Viewer Engagement

Viewer engagement is where you feel the love — or the hate. At any rate, viewer engagement is the energy fueling your NYC event. Viewer engagement gives you insight into the excitement generated during your NYC event. It’s akin to the fans screaming at an in-person concert or attendees animated in a lively discussion at an in-person corporate event. It’s worth noting, also, that engaged viewers are also more loyal and more likely to convert. There are a few ways to measure engagement. These include tracking comments, chats, likes, and shares.

6. Technical Quality Insights

Tech issues are the ultimate buzzkill. Delay time between speakers and attendees makes for a painful Q&A session. Poor audio will spoil the concert experience. And too much buffering will send your current viewer count through the floor. Ensure you’re giving your viewers the best live-streaming experience by tracking metrics associated with technical quality. Tracking the buffering rate, latency, and other tech metrics will guide your vendor decisions for future live-streaming events.

7. Device Use

Knowing which devices your viewers are using will help you create better live-streaming events. Knowing whether your viewers prefer their smartphones or laptops will help you as you make decisions regarding your visual and audio content. The devices your attendees use will also influence the interactive options you include in your NYC live-streaming event.

8. Geographic Location

Your viewers’ geographic location will help you create effective marketing strategies and provide meaningful services. For example, if converting customers is one of your client’s goals for a live-streaming event, understanding viewers’ geographic location will help their sales team craft effective pitches. Or if your client is a local business targeting New Yorkers, knowing your viewer's geographic location can help you remain confident that your marketing strategy is effectively focused.

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