Branching Out? 5 Ways to Expand Your Event Planning Business

March 10, 2023 Mario Stewart

The events industry has changed dramatically over the last few years. And today’s event pros know that the key to success lies in their ability to remain dynamic, flexible, and relevant. How you do that includes branching out to offer new event planning services, tapping into new markets, and expanding into new event arenas. Whether you’re looking to launch a virtual event planning service as part of your offerings or want to try something altogether different, like wedding planning, these are the insights you need to see to expand successfully.

1. Creating Buzz Among Your Networks

When you make the decision to move forward with a new event planning service or core offering, start by networking. Connect with colleagues and vendor partners first to tell them about your big news. Attend networking events locally and announce your plans to other professionals and industry pros, asking them to help spread the word and send referrals your way. In a way, when you start with your own networking circles, you can deputize your supporters to help spread the word for you. 

2. Teasing a ‘Big Announcement’ on Social Media

Don’t just make an announcement. Instead, create a marketing strategy that includes a build-up of teaser messages, building excitement and anticipation about your big announcement. You can develop social media campaigns around a “coming soon” service. And as you trickle out teasers, your audience will be more receptive to your big announcement once you finally share the news.

3. Leverage Landing Pages and Email Campaigns

When you’re coordinating all the updates and upgrades you’ll need to make to your website and other digital assets about your new offering, consider developing a unique landing page first. You can then initiate a series of email marketing campaigns designed specifically to drive traffic to a landing page that explains what you’re now offering and how your audience can connect with you. Newsletters are also great channels for these types of announcements, again driving client prospects to a specific landing page outlining your new services.

4. Press Release Your New Offering

If you’re offering something new to the world, it’s newsworthy! Don’t forget to tap into your press release resources and draft official PR statements about your big news. Remember, press releases should be styled in a way that promotes “news” and not so much a sales message. But these are great tools for reaching a broader audience about what you’re doing to grow your business and how your new offering will benefit others.

5. Host an Event!

You’re an event planner - so host an event! Consider having a party to celebrate your business growth. Invite your partners and event planning vendors. Include past clients, special guests, and speakers. Having your “launch” party can be the best way to generate buzz and build excitement around your new business offering.

When you’re ready to branch out and expand your event planning business, consider these insights for launch success! And for more incredible advice and resources for growing your business in 2023, make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October! The industry’s top executives, decision-makers, and influencers will be there, sharing their knowledge and looking for new partnerships. Learn more about participating as an exhibitor or sponsor, and be sure to get your tickets!

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