How to Use AI When You're Event Planning

June 18, 2023 Mario Stewart

As a New York event planning professional, you’re used to adopting innovative new ways, tools, and resources to simplify your event production efforts. But what about artificial intelligence? You’ve seen all the buzz, including the pros and cons about AI these days. However, what you’re really looking for is actionable advice about how AI might help you with your event planning and event management. Today, we’ll share some brilliantly clever ways to tap into AI as an event planner without compromising your unique style and personality.

AI Can Be Great for Analyzing Event Data

Most of today’s event management software solutions are harnessing the power of AI already. But there are other ways to use AI, especially in analyzing your event’s data. For example, you can use AI to help you sift through guest data, sort client leads, determine preferences, and evaluate attendance. You can also use AI for:

  • AI-Powered Event Scheduling
  • AI Event Session Suggestions
  • Custom Event Agendas with AI

AI for Keynote Speaker Introductions

Use AI to help you draft exciting keynote introductions and even speaker biographies for use in marketing your event. Sure, you can capture bios from a speaker’s LinkedIn page. Or you can tap into AI content creators for compelling, engaging, and descriptive bios, outlines, and introductions. Use AI for help with all your event blurbs and captions relating to entertainers, guest appearances, and selling points.

AI As a Creative Design Tool

There are TONS of AI-driven design tools and creative outlets, perfect for event planners who need a little creative inspiration. Come up with event theme ideas or create incredible event designs, for example. AI design tools are great for small details, too, like logos, event web graphics, beautiful name tags, or tabletop signage. You can also rely on AI tools as sources for creative video prompts and event teasers.

AI Content Creation

With every event experience you curate, there will also be a to-do list of related content. You’ll need event marketing content, invitation content, itineraries, speaking content, post-event survey content, and guest follow-up content. AI can help you write engaging and compelling text in a variety of different tones and styles to match your event atmosphere. Be mindful not to rely on every word without reviewing and revising to your own liking. But AI can take the heavy lifting out of all your event content requirements. 

AI Tools Event Planners Should Explore Using

So now that you know how AI can help you with your event planning business and event production efforts, you’ll need a short list of the best AI tools to consider. Consider exploring these options and sampling trials to see which AI benefits best suit your event planning needs.

  • Pictory: AI Video Generator
  • Murf: Text-to-Speech Generator
  • Synthesys: AI Video Generator
  • AI Text-to-Speech Generator
  • Auto-Generative Images
  • Speechify: Text-to-Speech Generator
  • Sales Engagement Platform with AI
  • Tidio: Simplified Chatbot
  • Neutraltext: AI Copywriter, SEO, and Keyword Search
  • Jasper: AI Content Writing Assistant
  • HitPaw: Photo Enhancement
  • Fireflies: AI Meeting Assistant
  • Feathery: AI Form Building (No Code)

Don’t be afraid to try some of the latest AI tools and resources to explore how they might streamline your event planning efforts. And for more innovative insights and emerging technologies, don’t miss day three of The Event Planner Expo 2023! The trade show floor will be bustling with thousands of event pros sharing and looking for the latest tools and tech! Exhibitor space is still available, so book your trade show space today!

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