Event Tech Must-Haves for Your Next Corporate Event

May 26, 2023 Jessica Stewart

With innovative new technology at your fingertips and seemingly introduced daily, event planners can really infuse their event experiences with cool gadgets and software. Make your corporate events and company meetings more interactive and engaging with these enticing and emerging technologies! You don't have to always use them ALL. But leveraging new tech to boost guest engagement, wow your corporate event client, and save you time is always going to be worth it.

Digital Graffiti Walls

Get everyone involved at your corporate events when you introduce the giant digital graffiti wall, perfect for drawing, doodling, and presenting.

QR Scanning & Event Apps

Keep your corporate event clients and guests in the loop with a great event app for constant communication. Make it easy to register and interact, too, with great QR code scanning technology.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Bring in the Oculus headsets and create dazzling virtual reality experiences in the form of challenges, puzzles, games, or educational content.

Throwable Microphones

Involve the guests by handing your keynote speakers the throwable mic, perfect for tossing into a crowd and engaging audiences.

Other Event Elements to Infuse with Great Technology

New York event planners don’t have to look far to find great technology that you can use with every aspect of your event planning business and process. Start exploring free trials and watch demos on incredible event technology options in the following event service niches:

  • Event management tools: tickets, registration, and contact management
  • Event marketing and promotion tools: builders, email marketing tools, and UTM links
  • Event content creation tools: speaker portals, agenda builders, and presentation tools
  • Event engagement tools: mobile apps, polls, Q&As, and chat channel tools
  • Sponsor and vendor management tools: sponsor management, sponsorship scoring tools, and lead management
  • Wearable tech and communication tools: smart badges, registration, and QR code scanning tools

Remember, don't incorporate anything that doesn't save you time, improve guest engagement, boost your productivity, or alleviate inefficiencies.

Technology continues to evolve, and innovative new “things” will always be available for event planners to use in their quests to delight corporate event attendees. Keep some of these emerging tech options in mind as you look for tech-based improvements. And learn about even more emerging technologies by attending the Speaker Series at The Event Planner Expo 2023. Learn from some of the biggest figures in business, like the legendary Gary Vaynerchuk, who’s slated to take the stage on Day 2! Get your tickets while they’re still available - event planners can’t afford to miss this year’s conference!

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