7 Ways to Incorporate AR & VR Into Your Event

June 16, 2023 Desiree Homer

Boost the attendee experience for all your New York events with augmented reality and virtual reality activations! There are incredibly creative ways to use AR and VR to your event-planning advantage. Get inspired and infuse every corporate event or social celebration with the coolest technology.

1. Virtual Attendance

Every social or corporate event you take on can have a virtual attendance element to it. Invite family and friends to the party using virtual connectivity and engagements. Invite remote staff and globally-located participants to your corporate event. Use virtual tech to boost attendance, sponsors, and digital engagements for even bigger and more impressive events every time.

2. Virtual Tours

Use AR and VR to offer virtual tours as part of your event. Showcase your chosen venue before the event using technology. Add layers of graphic engagement throughout your event with AR/VR presentations of company products or memory-lane photos. 

3. AR Experiences

Think of AR as visual layers of created realities in tandem with your event’s actual reality. AR is an incredible tool for bringing static event designs to life, creating even more immersive experiences. For example, for an “under the sea” themed event, AR can help you create the illusion of moving water on the walls or sandy beaches on the floor.

4. Live Results Using AR/VR

For nonprofits or charity fundraisers, AR and VR technologies can bring more excitement to announcing live results regarding donations and goals. Introduce designs and experiences to inspire even further participation as guests and contributors are wowed by the excitement the tech brings.

5. Virtual Badging

You can tap into innovative AR and VR for purposes of event badging and registrations, too. Make light work of your guest registration, as well as exchanging business card details with cool tech. A quick scan with a mobile device and interactions and networking is easier than ever. 

6. Brand Activations

Create entertainment value and boost brand activations with headset-inspired AR and VR activities at your event. These digital experiences can be welcome diversions for those longer, all-day events. And they’re proven methods for launching new products and services as guests get to try new things.

7. Elevated Gamification

And if you really need to step up your event-planning game, bring AR and VR into every gamification aesthetic at your events. Transport your participants to new worlds, introduce them to out-of-this-world experiences, and drive engagement to new heights with headsets, games, and fun.

Add more layers of experience and memorable activities to every New York event you curate with AR and VR technology! And discover great AR/VR partners on the trade show floor when you exhibit to showcase your brand at The Event Planner Expo 2023! 

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