Insider Tips to Make Your Winter Meeting in the Caribbean Unforgettable

February 16, 2019 Erica Maurer

Successful corporate types tend to work long hours and extend their workweek into the weekend as “the norm.” That’s one of the reasons that Corporate Event Planners are leaning towards organizing destination meetings for various industries in order to present a more attractive reason to attend a conference or trade show. In this article, we’re going to focus on tips that would make a winter destination meeting unforgettable. We chose the Caribbean (who doesn’t love palm trees?) because it seems to offer an immediate attraction to potential attendees.

Corporate Event Planners have learned that promoting a destination meeting in the Caribbean is like telling prospects you’re going to deliver everything they could ever dream of such as an exciting adventure, breathtaking ocean views, amazing cuisine, and for those who want to extend their stay for a day or two; culture. Usually, business professionals have little to no time to pack before making their way to a destination meeting so it’s up to the Corporate Event Planners to include some quick advice when sending out content prior to the upcoming trip.

Below are 4 quick tips to include in a newsletter, email, or even the prospectus of an upcoming destination meeting.

Tip 1: Tell Attendees to Pack Light

One of the most attractive selling points in planning a winter destination meeting in the Caribbean is the weather. East coasters will be enticed to stay somewhere that is warm and where weather is constantly appealing throughout the year. Shoot for an island that is not-too-hot and not-too-cold so that attendees can pack lightly. Do include recommendations for casual business attire, warm-weather clothing, and where applicable, some beach gear.

Tip 2: Add a Touch of Giving Back to the Locals

More Corporate Event Planners are merging social responsibility activities in their destination meetings. This “giving back” trend is particularly important to the local community you’re booking the event in. Do some research on the area or work directly with the local hotels to determine what the best options are. Then include some “giving back” options in your conference literature to see what attendees may be interesting in playing a hand in to help the locals.

Tip 3: Put an Emphasis on Health & Relaxation

During your destination meeting, you may want to include some healthier refreshment choices rather than just promote the open bar by the pool. Speak to the hotels about wellness-oriented beverage choices for the guest rooms and see about possible healthy menu options from the restaurants that you can promote in the meeting literature. Go a step further and in addition to getting informed on the food choices, also find out where they came from. For the early risers, you can find out about local exercise options like beachside yoga.

Tip 4: Send Tips on Local Language & Culture

At most hotels and local businesses in the Caribbean, the staff is trained to speak English. That doesn’t mean that if you practice the local language it won’t go a long way though. Entice attendees to learn a few key travel phrases and include some tips on what to say in the local language when you send out information about the upcoming conference. This will give participants a chance to get a full cultural experience during their stay.  

No matter where in the Caribbean a Corporate Event Planner chooses to book a winter destination meeting, make sure you deliver everything you can to make the time attendees and participants spend at their destination meeting unforgettable.

For tips on how to organize a successful destination meeting, contact our team at The Event Planner Expo so we can put you in touch with Corporate Event Planners that specialize in this niche.


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