Attendee Engagement at Your Fundraising Gala: 4 Insights to Consider

February 1, 2023 Mario Stewart

Boosting attendee engagement is an aspect of your event planning business that you always seek to improve. There’s never just one magic-wand solution to making each event an exciting success. And the dynamics are different when you’re planning a fundraising gala. Here are some insights to make your fundraising events more exciting, more engaging, and more profitable!

1. High-Quality Swag, Gifts, and Prizes

If your event calls for door prizes or charity organizational branded swag, make sure it’s top-notch quality. And prizes, whether they’re awarded at random or with purpose, need to be valuable to the recipients. Now’s not the time for generic televisions or gift cards. Go with customized items or premier services, both of which your fundraising guests will appreciate. And the high-quality swag provides your event with branding mileage long after the night is over.

2. Allow Virtual Attendance

Bring more attendees by opening your fundraiser up to virtual guests. Today’s events are transitioning to hybrid engagements. And when you’re fundraising, the more guests you can include, the better. Create unique online experiences for those attending by screen, including push notifications, gamification, and interactive online elements. Use polls and surveys to keep them engaged throughout the duration of the event, too.

3. Energize Your Fundraiser’s Atmosphere

It’s just a fact. Boring fundraisers don’t raise as much money as fun and exciting galas. So, look to infuse your next charitable event with energized aesthetics and super-fun and engaging elements. Bring in incredible keynote speakers. Amp up your design and decor themes. Roll out the red carpet. Every detail can contribute to a wildly engaging event and successful fundraiser.

4. Brilliant Entertainment 

If you really want to bring the wow factor to your next New York fundraising gala, go all-in with the best entertainment. Yes, you’ll need soul-stirring music. But you can create other entertainment segments throughout your event, including magicians, mentalists, or special performances. Make eating and drinking entertaining, too, with custom coffee bars and craft cocktail stations. Make every event engagement opportunity entertaining, and your gala guests will have a blast!

Keep these attendee engagement ideas in mind when you’re planning your next New York gala or fundraiser. And be sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October, too. You can get in the room with the biggest names in the industry to discover all the insights you need to grow and scale your New York event planning business!

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