Best Trade Show Booth Ideas for 2019

February 21, 2019 Erica Maurer

When industry leaders host trade shows, conferences, expos, etc. they do their best to scout for exhibitors to display their products and services. One thing they fail to do in their conference planning is suggest trade show booths that aren’t boring and show them what may attract visitors. Having an appealing trade show booth will only help sales and our team at The Event Planner Expo did a bit of research to help exhibitors come up with the most exciting and new concepts for trade show booths.

Part of the job for those who work in Corporate Event Planning NYC is to keep the conference planning budget in mind when deciding which trade shows to attend. Most people assume that buying a new booth will be costly and time-consuming, and that’s not entirely true. Yes, there are booths that can be, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that investing in a new booth will break the bank (or budget). Let’s go over some of the:

Best Trade Show Booth Ideas for 2019

Cardboard Trade Show Booths

Cardboard booths are part of the latest in conference planning trends. This pretty cool concept is not only cost efficient, but they also quickly catch the eye of those walking down the exhibitor’s hall aisle because of its interesting look.

Trade Show Booths with Limited Space

If you waited until the last minute to book your exhibitor space, you may be looking at having to get creative to make the best use of the space that was left for your booth. Who says you can’t use the air? In this next image posted on Instagram by Absolute Exhibits you’ll notice how the Pokemon Booth was not limited to just the floor space. They used the air space above their allotted area which drew the attendee’s attention even more.

Trade Show Booths with Branded Photo Op

In this next image posted on Instagram by Exhibit Studios, you’ll notice a not-too-expensive conference planning idea for a trade show booth. They displayed a standee of a cow that could be used as a branded photo op where attendees can stop to take a picture, and with any luck, they’ll share it out on social media which means it’s a marketing op too.

Meeting Room Trade Show Booth

Now here’s a conference planning idea that is sure to grab the attendees’ attention! IOandDesign did an excellent job with designing a trade show booth that also translates into a meeting space.

You can create a meeting room out of your trade show booth and give participants the opportunity to speak with you in a private setting. This is not only:

Good use of space: this trade show booth/meeting room is an open space where people can feel like they’re an integral part of the trade show without having to be in the middle of the trade show floor.

but also, it’s an…

Advanced idea: that will encourage attendees to engage with you and book appointments to speak with your team in the meeting room.


If you work in corporate event planning in NYC and are looking for an expo to add to your conference planning for 2019, be sure to add The Event Planner Expo to your list! Contact us today to learn how you can book your exhibitor booth early.



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