5 Discoveries You May Make at an Annual Conference

March 1, 2023 Erica Maurer

Around 270,000 conferences are occurring in the United States every year. With so many, there is every chance your business will ask you to attend one, or even host one, in the future. So, how do you prepare for an annual conference to ensure you get the best results out of going?

Below, we list five of the most important considerations you need to make when visiting event trade shows. This way, you can understand how event services and event professionals hold their own when everything starts to go wrong. As an event planner, this is your chance to impress everyone else both within your company and at the event.

1. Your Elevator Pitch Is Important

You need to know how to lead any conversation without boring the pants off everyone you speak to. Get your simple marketing pitch sorted so that when someone asks what you do, you can fly into it.

Many people there are in the same boat. So, lampshade it if you want, and make it clear you are giving them the elevator pitch. They will understand, and if they want to know more will ask questions.

2. Your Schedule Might Fall Apart

Event spaces are hectic environments, and you need to have a mind for flexibility. While you might want to investigate everything at an event, understand over the course of the event you need to manage your expectations. As such, prepare to cancel some things you wanted to involve yourself in for the good of the company and reschedule when you can.

3. Notes Are the Best Tool You Can Have

Over the course of the weekend, you will learn so many things about the industry you did not know. It does not matter if you are new to the company or have been there decades, there is always more to pick up. So, find a way to make notes so you can take your learning home with you.

4. Your Expenses Will Add Up

Expos can start to be expensive. New York City conferences are notorious for this, so if you are a New York event planner make sure to track all your expenses. The last thing you want is to be left with the bill.

5. Your Work Does Not End After the Conference

The event does not go only from when you buy the tickets to when you get home. You need to ensure your investments have borne fruit.

Even after the best event planner conferences, do not sit on your laurels. Follow up with the people you met at the event. Continue networking, and make sure all your work gives you a fantastic return on investment.

Prepare for an Annual Conference

With all this information, you should find it much easier to plan for any upcoming annual conference in the future. Some of the best event planner conferences are even happening within the next year, and it would be good for you to get involved.

Event planner expos can help you get both feet in the door in the event planning world. You can present yourself and your company to get yourself recognized and put on the map. So, pick up your tickets for the 10-Year Anniversary of the Event Planner Expo today.

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