Event Planner Expos: Conferences for the Rest of 2022

August 26, 2022 Mario Stewart

Imagine this: you are a bride, and you walk down the rose-petaled aisle for your perfect day. The music is just right, the lights shine down on you, and everything is just as you imagined. Everyone's dream is to have things right for their special day—and event planners are the magicians who make that happen. 

Are you an event planner who would like to continue building your network and skills in the craft? There are event planner expos all around the world to help you do this. Read on to learn about the event planner conferences for the rest of 2022, to help you be the best event planner out there. 

1. The Event Planner Expo 2022

This conference will take place in October, in the one and only New York City. Its core focus is how to stay up to date with digital marketing technologies and immersive networking as an event planner NY. Learn tips about how to position yourself for one of the most successful and productive years at this event planner conference.

Visit between October 11-13 for this incredible event. The conference celebrates its 10-year anniversary this fall and will bring together marketing professionals, innovators, and event planners in New York City. 

Have you visited New York City in October? It is one of the most magical times to go, as you will be treated to crisp fall air and the dazzling colors of changing leaves. Be sure to visit Central Park if you decide to experience one of the best event planner conferences. 

2. IMEX America 2022

The IMEX America Conference will take place in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, from October 11-13. This is one of the event trade shows that will take place fully in person- the team looks forward to inviting guests back. It will let event planners learn and connect with global professionals in the industry.

This is one of the bigger conferences in the industry, as there will be 3,500+ exhibitors and 180+ educational sessions. The networking opportunities allow you, as an event planner, to meet hundreds of people from diverse industries. 

Vegas is an excellent place to improve your event planning skills. It is the hub of hundreds of hotels, casinos, and restaurants, where some of the most glamorous events are hosted each year. Come learn from the best at IMEX America 2022. 

3. ICEMPC 2022

Did you know that Beijing, China, is one of the oldest cities in the world? Because of its rich history, Beijing is a great location for the best event planner conferences. This will take place from October 6-7.

The event is hosted by the International Research Confederation and will be a global gathering of academics, researchers, and scientists. People will discuss developments in event planning management, and share successes and pitfalls from their developed careers. 

Though Beijing is a long flight, this is an excellent opportunity to become the best event planner you can be. The international exposure is top-notch, and you will learn about cultural intricacies that you can implement into your event planning practice. 

4. TEAMS ‘22 Conference and Expo

This TEAMS event planner conference will take place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, from October 10-13. Traditionally, around 1000 attendees will join this event, made up of prominent CEOs, executive directors, event managers, and more. 

This conference focuses on sporting events and will provide hands-on training for event management tactics. Oklahoma City is a little-known gem in the Midwest. Highlights to visit outside of the conference include the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, and the Bricktown Entertainment District. 

5. Expo! Expo! 2022 by IAEE

Rounding out the year in December, this conference takes place in Louisville, Kentucky, from December 13-15. It is hosted by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events and is sure to be a hit for any event planner. 

The theme of the event is the three C's, being Content, Community, and Connections. It will help planners to learn about the best practices in the industry, and to improve their own event planning business. This immersive conference is sure to be a blast. 

Louisville, Kentucky gets a bit chilly in the winter, with a high of 45 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 37. Be sure to bundle up for your stay! We recommend checking out the site of the Kentucky Derby while in Kentucky.

7. Event Tech Live London

Add a little European Adventure to your event trade shows. To be the best event planner, sometimes understanding global practices in the industry can build your expertise. This event takes place on November 15, in London, England.

This program will provide you with quality content, exhibitors who are spearheading the industry, and networking that will help grow your business. 

Whether you are an Event Planner in New York, Chicago, or Boston, having an international perspective of best practices will help. While in London, be sure to visit the British Museum, the Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace. You will not be disappointed!

We Hope You Visit These Event Planner Expos

Thank you for reading about these exciting event planner expos with us! Whether you want to stay in the United States or venture on an international journey, there is something for everyone. We can all agree that attending these event planner conferences will build your network, increase your confidence, and teach you industry-leading skills. 

One of the most exciting event planner expos this year is The Event Planner Expo 2022, taking place in New York City. Learn more about the event and register here for this ten-year anniversary celebration. 


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