2019 Spring Wedding Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

April 6, 2019 Jessica Stewart

Spring is not only the most popular season to schedule a wedding, it’s also the time of year where Wedding Planners in New York get to demonstrate their true creativity. After surviving the cold weather throughout the winter, New Yorkers look forward to the blooming flowers and trees as the climate gets warmer.

When we think about the spring weddings, we visualize a lot of flowers. Brides enjoy putting flowers in their hair, on their dresses, down the aisle leading up to the altar, as centerpieces on the tables, and for sure to adorn the wedding cake. It’s not just the time of year for brides to let their feminine side run free, it’s also a time for Wedding Planners in New York to create masterpiece outdoor weddings. If a garden wedding is what you’ve dreamt of all your life, spring is the season to bring that vision to life! You can allow nature’s elements to be a part of your big day as the birds, eggs, butterflies, and cool breeze produce the ultimate ambiance.

The Event Planner Expo team has put together some of the best ideas for 2019 spring weddings, and really this is just the surface of what’s out there! Our intent is to inspire you before you go out there to visit stores like West Elm, Crate and Barrel, and Pottery Barn to see what they have on display. While visiting stores is an excellent way to get table setting decor ideas, we want to produce a starting point for you to draw ideas from. Now, without further ado, here are some spring wedding ideas that will take your breath away!

2019 Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is the picture-perfect time of year to revel in what the outdoors has to offer. Since it’s not usually when the weather is raging hot, yet you can enjoy the atmosphere and not worry about sweat ruining your makeup or wedding attire. In this idea, you’ll see how hay bales were lined up and covered in fun quilts, but you can also use some chic blankets to design outdoor seating that is not expensive.

Not everyone is a holiday décor person per say, but Wedding Planners in New York have found versatile ways to use eggs to produce a fun and colorful setting to incorporate into their spring weddings. This centerpiece of eggs is a great way to integrate your wedding colors onto your table setting.

Floral wedding invitation from Minted

You can set the floral tone for your wedding by utilizing a floral design on your wedding invitations.

Let's not forget the groom! Spring is the best season to bring out the pastel colors and incorporate them into your wedding theme. Use the light-hearted colors like pastel blue to give your groom a pop in his overlook look.

Baby’s breath is the most perfect (and inexpensive) wedding centerpiece for a rustic spring wedding.

Courtesy of Wild About Flowers

Wildflowers were made to be incorporated into spring weddings. The colors in these daisies and muscari bouquet will create the perfect look for a natural and simplistic wedding theme.

Sliced or whole fruit can be used to create a unique centerpiece when placed in a vase to deliver an added pop of spring colors.

Spring is when Wedding Planners in New York suggest you wear romantic and playful wedding dresses made of tulle, lace, and even feathers.

Although we only touched the surface of what's out there as far as ideas that Wedding Planners in New York are using for spring weddings, there are tons of other inspirational and creative ways to use flowers and spring colors to enhance your decor.

If you’re a bride in New York who is looking for a wedding planner that can bring your spring wedding ideas to life, please contact The Event Planner Expo Team so we can help match you with an Event Planner who is sure to make your wedding dreams come true!


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