Instagram Worthy Event Spaces in New York City

June 4, 2019 Susan Serena

Finding a unique space that can be used as a blank canvas is what event planning dreams are made of. Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have accustomed people to seeing creative imagery, especially with the use of filters and photo apps that let you add layers of artistic detail. The more artistic the image you post on social media, the more likes and shares you’ll get.

Now let’s be honest, isn’t that what everyone wants when they post pictures online? Yes. Yes, it is.

Therein lies a new challenge for Event Planners in New York City who are not only expected to be up to date with event trends, but who clients depend on to produce visual magic for their events.

So, the first step now when planning an event in NYC is no longer to plan what to serve on the menu. Instead, the first to do is to find a unique venue to steer away from hosting the party in the room at the back of a restaurant. Event Planners in NYC are now needing to create an experience that will wow their clients and entice guests to share pictures on social media.

The question is, where in New York City can we find a space that is sure to impress not only the client, but also the guests? We’ll tell you where.

Unique Spaces in New York City for Events

For both corporate and social events, those who are looking for a unique space for events including photo shoots, meetings, and parties, more and more people are turning to Splacer when they want to create a story and experience for all invitees.

Think of Splacer as the Airbnb of event spaces where you have a variety of places to choose from when you’re looking to rent space. Only, these spaces are intentionally designed to deliver a unique story for events in New York City.

Here are some examples of pre-designed spaces that Splacer has to offer:

A Gin & Whiskey Distillery in Brooklyn, NY

Image credit: Splacer

Green Themed Space in Queens, NY

Image credit: Splacer

An Outdoor Dome Space Upstate NY

Image credit: Splacer

A Penthouse Midtown Manhattan

Image credit: Splacer

A Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY

Image credit: Splacer

Most of the Splacer spaces are non-residential venues where you can host a party that is sure to be different than any other event you’ve planned in the past. Event Planners in New York City are looking to impress clients to safeguard having repeat customers that will refer them to everyone they know and using a Splacer space is guaranteed to create an Instagram-worthy event that will be talked about by all who attended.

Even movie producers and corporate clients are using Splacer when looking for a space where they can film or as a pop-up shop. We compare these shared spaces as the Airbnb for events because it’s allowing clients to leverage from the existing spaces to earn more money. In essence, it’s like recycling space and time.

There are more than 200 spaces in New York that NYC Event Planners can choose from to host an upcoming event. The Splacer staff can even help organizers with referrals to caterers, photographers, and equipment rental companies you can use to help you design a magical Instagram-worthy event.

Looking for more ideas to create unique events for your clients? Keep checking back on our blog for more event planning tips each week.

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