5 Brilliant Ideas to Elevate Your NYC Event Designs

March 1, 2023 Mario Stewart

Event planners like you rarely run short of big ideas and event design inspiration. But sometimes, it does help your creativity to see what others are doing and explore some of the over-the-top designs out there. Today, we’ve compiled a wide-eyed and expressive list of unique yet brilliant event designs that will absolutely elevate your next New York City event.

1. Getting Creative with Event Themes

It’s easy to fall into an event theme rut sometimes, watching your clients ask for the same variations of events you’ve already planned before. So, the first step to breaking free of those old stand-bys is by getting even more creative with your event themes. When your event clients ask about beachy themes, for example, change it up a bit and get them interested in a full-blown luau or a more luxurious, nautical event with vibes of yacht life. Come up with your own event theme twists. And follow through on design elements, messaging, and details to execute these themes brilliantly.

2. Champagne Falls from the Heavens (Not Really)

Events aren’t made magical by table decor and photo booths alone. The most experiential events are those that make guests feel like they’ve stepped into another world. The biggest and most talked about celebrations are those that feel like champagne is about to fall from the heavens. From balloon drops to confetti cannons, you can create event design elements that infuse the party with energy and excitement. 

3. Customize Food and Beverage Experiences

Elevate your events by introducing interactive and customized food and beverage options. From dainty and delish specialty cocktails to extravagant dessert tables and custom coffee bars, these elements are great for elevating the feel of any event. Treat food and beverages like an event aesthetic and chance to engage, not just an amenity.

4. Events Transformed Into Works of Art

Avoid the mundane and same-old-same-old decorations for your event and infuse them instead with works of art. Maybe source local designs, displays, or sculptures from local artists. Or, find works of artistic expression that best complement your event’s theme. Whatever you introduce, use great pieces of art to help elevate your event aesthetics and designs.

5. Stunning Lights and Audio

Nothing tanks an event quicker than terrible lighting and squawky audio. Mood lighting matters just as much as stage lighting. Then there’s food display lighting and walkway illumination, too. Sound designs are equally important, especially if you’re including music and stage presentations. As an event planner, bring in the lighting experts to make sure you’re making the most stunning use of lighting. And bring in the AV experts, too, to ensure every sound is crisp, clear, and intentional.

Be inspired with these event design ideas and elevate your experiences in a big way! And remember, for real business and event planning inspiration, make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October! Learn more about opportunities and get your tickets!

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