4 Brilliant Color Combinations That Energize Any Event Environment

March 14, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Whether you’re event planning a corporate event, industry trade show, wedding, or bar/bat mitzvah, you’ll need to come up with brilliant color combinations and event designs. The colors you choose will contribute to the mood and ambiance of your event in a big way. Choosing the right color combinations can significantly energize an environment, too. And every year, there are new and emerging color combinations to consider. Get inspired by these design combinations and stunning colors as you develop your event designs.

1. Reds and Oranges

There are colors, and then there are power colors. And in 2023, start seeing a host of events tap into the power of reds and oranges. Make your event ambiance pop with fire reds and dusky oranges that energize any room. And whether you incorporate these colors with floral or with digital elements, know that these brilliant shades will make every event lively and vibrant.

2. Magenta Magnifies

If you really want to elevate the energy in your event with a single color, you can’t go wrong with the marvelous magenta. This color inspires joy and introduces a vibrant feel to centerpieces, floral arrangements, and event aesthetics. Not quite purple and not quite pink, magenta celebrates fun and excitement in a unique way. And event planners can appreciate how well magenta blends with other colors.

3. Multi-tonal Greens

On nearly every “best of” list this year, featuring the most popular color combinations are blends of multi-tonal greens. Whether you’re looking to bring a coastal feel to a wedding celebration or infuse energy into your corporate event, greens are IT in 2023. Savannah greens, mint greens, and deep jungle greens are all brilliant. And green is often associated with “go,” “money,” and “eco-friendly,” allowing you to introduce even more meaning into your event.

4. Pink Goes with Everything

Another color that breathes life into any event design is pink. Pink goes with everything in a brilliant way. And today’s event planners are bringing various shades of pink into their events in a big way. From bright and vibrant hues to softer baby’s breath hints, pink is a popular and stunning color to complement any event design.

Get inspired by these trending color combinations and infuse all of your events with stunning hues. And for more inspiration with event designs and growing your event planning business, get in the room this October with the events industry’s biggest names! The Event Planner Expo 2023 is coming, and you don’t want to miss it!

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