5 Color Combinations That Are Brilliant for Cool, Wintery Events

December 23, 2022 Desiree Homer

During these chilly winter months, especially if you’re in New York, you can look to get inspired by new and emerging event color palettes. For winter events you’re planning, whether they’re social in nature or corporate-driven conferences or trade shows, these are the cool color ensembles to consider.

1. Monochrome Color Palettes Are Perfect for Winter

Have an event this winter that needs to be elegant or even feel minimalistic? Consider the monochrome color combination. Highlight classic shades, including blacks and whites, that continue to be a classic choice to inspire upscale and elegant touchpoints. 

2. Au-Naturale Hues Provide Warmth

You might presume blue and gray hues symbolize winter best. But all neutral colors, including varying shades of blacks, grays, whites, and beiges, can be great wintertime accent colors. Keeping the event hues subtle actually be warming, ideal for guests venturing out to an event during the winter.

3. Single-Colors in a Variety of Shades

Another color palette trend during the winter event season involves singling out one hue and then accenting it with various shades of that color. The result is a stunning and unforgettable aesthetic, especially when you’re able to introduce splashes of color throughout your event venue. Imagine using a warming shade of orange, lighter shades complementing table centerpieces, and darker hues showcasing a stage, for example. Get creative and choose single colors that fit your event theme. You can expand from there, introducing hints of various shades throughout.

4. Two-Tone Colors That Complement Each Other Well

If your winter event needs vivid colors to make it lively, event planners are leveraging the big first impressions of marrying two-tone colors. Consider choosing two leading hues as your pillar palette, and then start introducing splashes of both throughout your event. Here are some popular pairings you might love.

  • Red & Black
  • Gold & White
  • Bright Orange & Teal
  • Pink & Green
  • Gold & Black

5. Three-Tone Shades You’ll Love

Event design trends continue to evolve, including another popular aesthetic involving three-color blending for bright and beautiful events. If you’re looking to create a brilliant contrast to the cold, wintery weather outside, consider these color combinations.

  • Sage, Orange & Beige
  • Red, Orange & Brown
  • White, Gold & Blush
  • Blue, Green & Cream

Get inspired with these unique and brilliant event color themes for your wintery events. And keep an eye out for more event industry trends by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023! Get on the waitlist now!

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