Tablescapes We Love for 2023

December 6, 2022 Desiree Homer

Design and decor ideas always change with the seasons, and new trends emerge all the time. As you research some of the brilliant concepts online, you can find your own inspiration as you plan for the New Year’s roster of corporate events, social events, and celebrations. We’ve assembled some of the tablescapes we love for 2023 to help get your creativity flowing as a New York event planner. Get inspired with these ideas, and make sure your table settings are different from anything your guests have seen before!

Rustic Designs Are Back

Natural woods and wrought iron accents are back, complementing traditional floral and candle centerpieces. Consider baskets and white linens and get inspired by French provincial looks with some of your more social events and celebrations. These are great for events that have more of a nature-centered theme or sustainable preferences, too.

Eucalyptus and Candlelight

When you’re looking for a greenery alternative to some of the more traditional event centerpieces, consider eucalyptus! Convey a minimalist design along with a modern, simplistic vibe with long-lasting and refreshing eucalyptus. Accent with soft candlelight for the perfect tableside ambiance.

Jugs and Jars

Instead of traditional vases and globes, many New York event planners are turning to unique jugs, jars, and modern canisters. Introduce a more natural feel with some or vibrant colors and designs with others. Each assimilates with any floral designs you choose to best complement your event themes and decor.

Dried Floral and Aromatherapy

Your New York event centerpieces don’t have to simply look good; they can smell good, too! Consider dried petals as accents and aromatherapy components that speak to the nature of your event. Create tablespace conversation spaces that signal the senses for calming, energy renewal, or soft, subtle scents. 

Themed Tablescapes

Another popular tablescape trend across New York events and conferences involve various themes. Consider separating tables into segments or each table featuring its own design. Themes can be basic color coordination, or they can be more involved, like international themes, with each centerpiece representing different cultures. Explore unique theme options you can bring to your tablescapes for a truly unique look and feel at your event.

Get inspired by some of these tablescape design ideas and do your event designs differently in 2023!

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