How Do Event Planners Stay Creative During Design & Decor Dry Spells?

November 23, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Being creative is an event planner’s superpower. And your event planning success relies heavily on your ability to come up with ingenious design ideas, event themes, and decor aesthetics. But much like any artist in any craft, dry spells happen. From writer’s block to idea stagnation, you might face a period in which your fresh ideas seem to be lacking. So, what can you do to get rejuvenated and inspired? Check out these tips for staying creative and innovative, even when you’re just not feeling it.

Remove All Your Distractions

It’s hard to feel inspired and creative when you have a million to-do lists to manage. And you can’t get into design mode if your desk is cluttered, your phone is ringing, and your emails are exploding. One of the best ways to help clear your mind is to clear your physical distractions. Step away from the screens, if only for an hour, and dedicate reflective brainstorming time. When your environment is free of clutter and attention-grabbing stimulus, your creative mind will be free too.

Connect with Nature

Sometimes, your event planning schedule is so hectic that you don’t feel you have time for a break. But if your creative reservoir is drying up, you’ll need to prioritize some space to recalibrate. And for many, a leisurely stroll outdoors or a meal in the park is all that’s needed. Reconnecting with nature can be a great source of calm and inspiration. So, schedule some time with Mother Nature.

Discuss Ideas Out Loud

If you’re up against a deadline for an event presentation or client meeting and short on innovative design ideas, gather your troops. Assemble colleagues and staff, or even friends and family, and start brainstorming out loud. Some of the most creative ideas and solutions can come from the most unlikely places. And sometimes, just voicing your thoughts out loud can reconnect you with your creative side. Talk about event details with others and find renewed inspiration!

Read for Inspiration

If you’re struggling to get back to your creative self, consider picking up a book. Losing yourself in an engaging story, regardless of the genre, can be just the mental break you need. Even if you’re not a big “reader,” look to the arts as a resource for inspiration. Connecting with the creative community can help you reconnect with your own creative superpowers.

Tap into the Power of Music

Get in the car and crank some tunes! A brief road trip with memorable or energizing music can help you shake off the day’s stress. A great song can also inspire you in brilliant new ways. Get lost in the music, even if it’s just a few commutes here and there, and start to feel your big ideas again.

Break Routines

Event planners rely heavily on routines, checklists, and proven processes. But occasionally, that repetition can lead to idea stagnation and creative ruts. Consider breaking free from those mundane tasks and routines, changing up the scenery and the day’s to-do list. Coloring outside the lines is precisely what art is. And you can realign your creative flow if you force yourself to change things up a bit.

Cut yourself some slack. Hitting a creative wall from time to time is entirely normal. Just reduce the amount of time you stay stuck there and tap into these tips for getting back to your creative self again.

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