6 Design & Decor Ideas to Make Your Event More Memorable

October 27, 2022 Desiree Homer

Let’s get creative and delve into some of the coolest design and decor ideas event planners need right now. This is the roster of inspirational aesthetics you can keep handy as we head into 2023. From corporate holiday parties and team meetings to charity galas and bar/bat mitzvahs, these design trends will get your creative side in full swing!

1. The Classic Black and White Themes

With all the possibilities for adding splashes of color to your events, don’t neglect the classic and upscale nature of the black-and-white themes. Add elegance to a venue experience with the stark contrasts of these two pigments in decorations, floral arrangements, and even dessert color coordination. From fundraisers to wedding receptions, the black and white styles can complement any event type gorgeously.

2. Minimalist Styles Are In

It used to be that event planners tackled laundry lists of must-have elements for every event. However, you might notice clients asking to cut back on the nonessentials. Consider creating minimalist-style events with less elaborate decor or design elements. Cut back on any clutter or unnecessary aesthetics and stick with classy centerpieces, thoughtful lighting, and welcoming entertainment value.

3. Tall and Elegant Centerpieces Are All the Rage

Sure, traditional floral arrangements, glass, and candlelight will all be nice touches to your event’s table centerpieces. But there is a growing trend and preference for the tall, slender, and dainty. Think single flower stems reaching down into the two-foot or taller vase. These aesthetics allow for better visibility between guests at each table, improving conversation and engagement, too. 

4. Bouquets and Florals Are Getting Fluffy

Wedding planners might notice a growing floral trend that involves fluffier bouquets. Wedding parties will wear simpler and more natural styles but look to their flowers as the stand-out element. Expect to get creative with your layouts for floral arrangements, and let your flowers be the talk of the event!

5. Floral Headpieces

Speaking of flowers, another trend among social events is the growing popularity of floral headpieces for the stars of the celebrations. Brides and birthday stars will want crowns of soft colors and Baby’s Breath. Think ivy and tiny roses, glitter, and ribbon. These soft touches will be wildly adored among your clients, celebrating nuptials, anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

6. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Aesthetics

New York event planners should be looking to bring sustainability to their events, including eco-friendly solutions. Your clients might be more interested in using recycled materials, promoting their events digitally instead of paper products, and nixing wasteful food preparation. Consider introducing ideas for environmentally friendly planning efforts as part of your proposals to win over clients who appreciate a more sustainable approach to their big events.

Keep your eyes out for these event design and decor trends as you develop new ways to land and engage clients. And to keep your creativity flowing, make sure you get on the waitlist now to attend The Event Planner Expo 2023. Explore ways to participate next year as a sponsor or exhibitor!

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