8 Incredible Centerpiece Designs Your Clients Will Love

September 19, 2022 Desiree Homer

Let’s get fun and inspirational with fresh ideas for sprucing up those event centerpieces! Sure, as a New York event planner, you know you can never go wrong with a lovely floral arrangement to make an event ambiance shine. But sometimes, you need other ideas for more unique and eye-catching designs your clients and their guests will love. 

1. Books & Branches

For those New York events that fall into the category of educational, corporate, or literary in nature, consider assembling books as centerpieces. You can complement an event’s theme with precisely chosen authors. Or maybe, instead of a book, you can incorporate unique quotes from literary favorites garnished with branches or florals. 

2. Sculptures & Art

For those events on your schedule that have more of an artistic flare with style, theme, or guest lists, you can look to incorporate small sculptures or works of art as centerpieces. While attendees dine, they can admire each remarkable work of art right at their table. And by placing different pieces throughout the venue, you can encourage guests to mingle and move about, admiring each piece.

3. Balloon Arrangements

If you need something colorful, youthful, and fun, you can always introduce balloons to some of your table centerpieces. For any event celebrating something fun, a work milestone, or a birthday, balloons are almost always welcome.

4. Creative Candle Displays

If the ambiance of your New York event calls for a more subdued atmosphere, you can turn to candles and centerpiece designs featuring tiny little burning lights to introduce soft glows at each table. Candles can often be great for inspiring calm, more romantic themes.

5. Fruits & Vegetables

For something more au naturale to add to your earthy, outdoor, or seasonal celebrations, consider bringing fruits and vegetables to your centerpieces! Imagine a summer company gathering with pineapples at each table. Or ring in the harvest and fall festivals with assortments of apples and pumpkins. These centerpieces can also be take-home gifts for guests!

6. Nautical Themes

Need something beachy and breezy? Get creative with all kinds of nautical designs, incorporating shells of all sizes, coral, glass, and boat knots! Think sand and flip-flops, drinks with tiny umbrellas, and cool shades. And maybe even a few faux fish bowls with clown fish can finish the balmy, oceanside theme.

7. Potted Plants & Succulents

Another great centerpiece idea turned into a guest take-home gift is the potted plant centerpiece. With so many varieties, you’re sure to find the perfect element for your event. From large, tropical arrangements to comforting succulents, plants always introduce a feeling of nature, life, and growth to a table.

8. Decorative Garland Strands

Don’t presume you’re stuck with only centerpieces and round tables. Get creative with decorative garland strands as table runners. Envision greens with holly berries for those December events. Go gold and glitter for that ‘Night at the Oscars’ type event. Introduce bright colors or accent subtly with just the right strand designs.

Are you inspired to venture away from the traditional floral arrangements as centerpieces? Try some of these fun ideas and bring new and unique elements to every event, one table at a time.

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