Halloween Party Decor Ideas You Didn't Know You Needed

September 23, 2022 Jessica Stewart

With Halloween and Halloween-themed events just around the corner, it’s a fun time of year to share fun and spooky decor, designs, and themes. As a New York event planner, you probably already have most of this year’s Halloween celebrations organized. But you might find some inspiration for last-minute design touches that will make your corporate Halloween party, social spook fest, or costume gala incredible.

Transform Lounges into Pumpkin Patches

Depending on the venue you choose for your Halloween event, you might not have the design and decor freedom you’d like to go wild with fun holiday aesthetics. But you can still look to explore smaller corners of your space and make the most of it. For example, transform lounges or breakout session spaces into pumpkin patches with gourds and jack-o-lanterns, and hay bales. You might not be able to get crazy with decorating a main area, but you can certainly get spooky with stage decor, lounges, and networking nooks.

Black Cat Beverage Stations

Consider a Halloween-themed organization of event segments. For example, maybe announce to guests that wherever they see a black cat, they can get snacks and beverages. Set up a selfie station with a giant skeleton and encourage guests to pose and post. Incorporate your decor into how you engage and organize an event flow and have fun with it!

Fog in the Entry

Imagine having all your event guests walking through the door or entryway, emerging from a cloud of fake fog. Fog machines are great additions to any Halloween party to create that spooky ambiance on a stage, too. Remember not to fog out your attendees and keep the flow of fog below the knees. But see how much guests love the added aesthetic.

Costume Parades and Contests

It’s a given. If the Halloween event you’re planning is encouraging guests to dress up in costume, you have a great opportunity to create a costume parade and host contests. These are great engagement strategies to keep the room lively and involved, voting on their favorite attendee costume of the evening. And make those contest prizes spooktacular, too!

It’s Fall Y’all

If your Halloween-themed event isn’t going to be ghosts, goblins, costumes, and “Monster Mash” approved, you can still explore fall themes and aesthetics. For some New York events, a more conservative approach to decor and designs is warranted. For those, you can still get creative with pumpkin centerpieces, straw bales for seating, and dried corn stalks with colorful ears as accents. There are loads of ways to celebrate the fall season without diving into skeletons, werewolves, and vampires.

Halloween Guest Activities

If you can introduce some fun Halloween event activities for guests to enjoy during the event, here are a few ideas for inspiration.

  • Bobbing for Apples
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Spooky Face Painting
  • Miniature Haunted House Hallways
  • Hay or Corn Mazes
  • Thriller Dance Contest

Even if you have this year’s Halloween events and celebrations all planned and organized, get inspired by some of these design ideas and add a little more spook to your party!

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