Event Planning Baptisms? 7 Incredible Design Ideas to Make Them Memorable

July 5, 2022 Desiree Homer

As a New York event planner, you take special care of every nuance and detail, regardless of the event, to make it special and memorable. And when it comes to event planning a baptism or christening, there can be even more unique details to oversee. When you’re looking for inspiration regarding baptism themes, it can be tough to keep things within the softer realms of infancy, faith, and family. There are, however, plenty of ways to come up with celebratory themes your baptismal families will love. Here are some to inspire any baptisms you may have upcoming.

1. Themes That Transcend Every Detail

When you’re event planning a baptism, you’ll be mindful of the basics like venue, music, and entertainment. Be aware that the theme you choose is able to transcend each of those pillar event elements. For example, you might have custom decorations, photo booth props, and specialty lighting that brings a baby elephant-themed baptism to life. Maybe your theme features unique color palates that can carry over into your catering effort with matching napkins and pristinely decorated cross cookies. 

Just remember that before officially selecting a theme, you should find something that can touch every detail to make it extra memorable, including these:

  • Floral designs and centerpieces
  • Cakes, desserts, and catering
  • Venue and event spaces
  • Linens and furniture touches
  • Invitations and thank you cards
  • Entertainment and music

With each of these in mind, you can begin to explore baptism and christening themes to complement them all in a remarkable way.

2. Hot Air Balloon Themes

Bring in loads of color and bright lighting aesthetics when you celebrate the baptism hot air balloon style. This theme allows for adorable messages of “the sky’s the limit” and “soaring to greatness.” Other soft touches might include basket centerpieces and hot air balloon-themed cakes and cookies. It can also be a gender-neutral option, simply introducing an array of colors to any faith celebration.

3. Nautical Themes

Think seashells and starfish with a uniquely designed nautical theme christening celebration. These can be fun for summer baptism events or those with New York City views of the water. It’s another gender-neutral option that brings lighter and more casual elements, including softer pastels. Recreate footprints on the beach photo ops and “walk with Me” messages of faith.

4. Key to the Heart

For a royal feel, with a host of options for colors, cakes, and decors, consider a “key to my heart” theme. Keys and hearts are only the beginning. Grab sentimental statements from friends and family to share as placeholders or in the event announcements. Assemble royal blues and shiny golds to create a noble atmosphere, perfect for welcoming a little beloved into the family faith.

5. Sweet Sheep & Baby Lamb Themes

Lambs have long since been a symbol in many faiths. And the sweet sheep or baby lambs may be the perfect theme should you be event planning a baptism. Soft colors and fabrics combine with the cuteness of adorable little lambs in the decors, invitations, and place settings. Because of their historic significance, incorporating lambs into your baptismal theme will make the religious celebration even more symbolic.

6. Polka Dots & Mustaches

If your baptism family is looking for something fun and unique, consider a christening celebration donned in polka dots and mustaches! Hand out mustaches on a stick, great for selfies and Instagram. Serve up mustache cookies on brightly colored tablecloths. And have fun with a host of brilliant chevron or paisley patterns on invitations and more.

7. You Are My Sunshine

You know the song; now bring it to your design discussion! Welcome the new little one into the family faith with bright yellows and smiling suns. Imagine clouds and brilliant floral designs. Have fun in the photo booth with face-cutouts of giant sun props. Welcome the “ray of sunshine” into the family faith from the invitation to the thank you cards.

Now that you have your event planner creative juices flowing, what fun ideas do you have for baptismal celebrations? When you’re event planning a baptism or christening, keep these considerations in mind, so you always have something fresh to introduce to your clients.

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