Event Design Trends to Look for This Summer

June 16, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Summer in New York is downright magical, especially for the event planner. With so many companies and individuals ready to get out there with parties and celebrations, your business might just be booming right now. With the flurry of recent summer event activities, it might be helpful to share some of the latest design and décors trends that are popping up at weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, and community events. You might spot an idea you can implement with one of your upcoming summer stunners.

Neon Lights & Vibrant Color

One of the biggest decors trends is the comeback of retro design themes and throwback displays, including vibrant neon lights. It may not be an ideal amenity for a church-based wedding per se, but you could really add some fun atmosphere for outdoor parties, celebrations, and even company-sponsored events. If you’re event planning casual or more festive get-togethers, look for cool ways to incorporate the neon lights for extra flair.

Unique Patterns and Shapes Abound

Another event design trend you might consider involves the use of unique patterns and interesting shapes. From tablecloth layouts to invitation patterns, step away from the traditional and think outside the box. Introduce crazy or non-formal shapes where you can to bring in character, uniqueness, and theme-jiving style.

Bring in All the Floral

Today’s events are getting back to their floral roots. And we’re not talking about sporadic tabletop centerpieces, either. Scrolling through Instagram, you’ll see entire backdrops and cascading fauna as eye-catching event focal points. They’re brilliant in color, and if there’s a place to showcase nature’s finest, your clients will love it. 

Social Media Ops at Every Event

Speaking of Instagram, most of today’s events also feature some dedicated backdrop, perfect for selfies and social posting. The aforementioned floral arrangements are great for these, but so are other accessories like giant frames, small structures, swings, and wall art. Bring in the customizable props and watch the guests drive those event hashtags to viral status.

NFTs, Tech, and Hybrid Events

Everything’s going digital, and events are no exception. New York event planners are growing their businesses with hybrid and virtual event options. Others are leveraging the NFT phenomenon as tickets, door prizes, and community fundraising. Consider infusing your events with the latest digital trends and innovative tech to make them incredible.

The Parties Are Getting Bigger

Maybe it’s because people felt cooped up during the lockdown, or it could be that everyone’s just itching to get outdoors this summer. Whatever the reason, the parties are definitely getting bigger with more invites, swelling budgets, and top-notch requests for entertainment, menu options, and more. As a New York event planner, you might be seeing this trend for yourself. And it points to a need to have bigger venues and more influential connections on hand. Just be prepared to scale up your planning efforts and organizational strategies, too.

The Small Pop-Up Events Are Popular

While many of your events are getting bigger in size, you might also be noticing an uptick in small, pop-up event requests, as well. These impromptu get-togethers are great for informal or formal celebrations among friends, colleagues, or co-workers. And they’re ideal events for those who want to sample new restaurants, favorite chefs, and trendy hotspots. These event themes and designs tend to focus on upscale extras and lofty ticket prices, too.

Sustainable Designs and Decors

Another design trend New York event planners might see this summer involves sustainability. Events that feature recycled materials, green decors, and repurposed extras are becoming highly requested. People want to celebrate, but not at the expense of the environment. Anytime you have an opportunity to offer all-natural or sustainable designs, do it. Your clients will thank you for it.

What design trends are you seeing this summer with your event clients? Keep some of these décor ideas in mind for your upcoming events. And if you need more ideas and inspiration for growing your New York event planning business, get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2022 today!

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