5 Clever Interior Design Tips To Make Your Event Shine

June 13, 2022 Jessica Stewart

When it comes to throwing a good event, creating a good decore is half the battle. While the idea might seem daunting, you don’t have to be a professional interior designer to pull off a beautiful event. There are several great tips that will save you time and money. Whether you are throwing an event for clients or friends and family, your event should always look the best it can be. You have to have a vision and then execute it. Picking a theme will give you a great starting point. Let’s dive into some great interior design tips to make your event the best it can be. 

Pick A Theme

Picking a theme will give you an overall sense of the type of event that you want to pull off. There are many things that come into play such as color and style that you have to consider. Your theme should be a representation of you and what you are trying to achieve. Picking a distinct color pallet can absolutely help with this. Complimenting colors are easy on the eyes and can generate a great aesthetic. Know if you want to be casual or classy, and then own it. Every type of party atmosphere has something to give. 

Make it Accessible 

Your event should be a seamless and enjoyable experience for your guests. To do this, you want to make sure that your furniture, stage, and food are laid out correctly and are accessible to your attendees. At the same time, you want certain things, like the food or the dance floor to draw your guest’s attention. The catering station should be well displayed and central to where your guests are. Spotlights are another great way to put focus on certain aesthetics. 

Pick The Right Furniture 

The furniture for any event will be dependent on the overall theme and message. The trick is to know what you want to do, and go at it with 100% effort. If you are throwing a corporate event, then you are definitely going to want to utilize lounge chairs and sofas so your guests can mingle and network comfortably. If you are serving food, then that will definitely play a part with the furniture as well. Cocktail tables are a must when it comes to serving appetizers. You want the furniture to correlate with the vibes and atmosphere of the party as a whole.

Keep it personal

Giving personalized gifts is a great way to make your event memorable for your attendees. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but a simple party favor for your guests to bring home can make all of the difference. A photo booth is another great way for your guests to remember the night. Photos are a party necessity. Hire a photographer with  backdrop and lighting so your guests can snap some shots. 

Utilize Your Space

It doesn't matter the size of your venue. It’s all about being smart and creative with the space. If the venue is large and lavish, then you have a lot to work with, but also a lot of empty space to fill. Working with a smaller space can be more tricky, but there are a lot of tips to make it work. Mirrors are a great way to make a smaller space look larger. The placement of the furniture also comes into play. Utilizing a minimalist aesthetic can also make a space feel larger than it is. 

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