Outdoor Event Design Trends to Know Right Now

January 26, 2023 Jessica Stewart

As a New York event planner, you’ll follow your client’s lead when it comes to design ideas and outdoor event aesthetics to make it perfect. But when your clients aren’t sure what event themes or designs to choose, or they lean on you for inspiration, you’ll want to be able to share unique outdoor event trends. These are just some of the unique details you can use to bring up in those conversations.

Eco-Friendly Is Always Chic

When your clients ask you, as the event planner, to help come up with modern themes and outdoor event touches, remind them that eco-friendly and sustainable are always chic. There are unique ways to incorporate recycled materials, sustainably sourced fare, and green-friendly flora into the event. And you’ll still have the flexibility to incorporate various colors, lights, and decor for distinctive and customized experiences. 

Minimalist Service & Big Themes

Another emerging trend among outdoor events is with food and themed food service. Instead of often wasteful buffet lines or traditional plate service, many event planners are going with stand-alone themed food stations, which are IG-worthy on their own. And instead of massive food portions, servers present guests with micro-meals in appetizer form throughout the duration of the event. 

Mushrooms as Decor? Yes!

You might assume mushrooms are great for events as savory meal favorites. And yes, stuffed, grilled, or presented as a side, they’re delish. But there’s another mushroom trend you might not know about, and PartySlate says the mushroom is “having a moment” as event decor. Today’s event planners can start experimenting with the neutral designs and childhood-inspired magic that comes with mushroom decorations. 

Big Arches Make Big Statements

Big, puffy-sleeved bridesmaid dresses are a thing of the past. But not those massive outdoor event arches. In fact, you can expect to see these as popular aesthetics for grand entrances, to showcase photo stations, or as food staging elements. The bigger the arch, the bigger the statement you can make, too. And all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials are welcome. So bring the flowers and balloons, big arches are in this year!

As outdoor event season approaches, let these emerging design trends inspire you and your event-planning clients. And be sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October for a totally immersive experience in all things event planning trends and inspiration! It’s the place to be for any event planner who’s looking to grow and scale their business!

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