Why Floral Elements Are Still Popular Among Event Designers

December 22, 2023 Desiree Homer

Floral arrangements have waxed and waned with event trends like killer venues. Macy’s even has a whole show dedicated to flowers each Spring! They’re often the unsung heroes of an event planner’s repertoire and can elevate any event as long as they’re done tastefully and with intention. 

Curating New York events to stand out is a hard enough job. Often, the right floral elements can take a great event and atmosphere a step above and make it brilliant.

Welcoming As Decor

Floral arrangements help set the venue's tone just as much as lighting does. Skillfully arranged floral decor can help fill up empty spaces in larger venues, create a lovely welcoming aura for clients and guests, and even help direct traffic to different areas to an extent.

Floral Introduces Elegance

Floral elements are inarguably a timeless classic. There are a multitude of traditions for what flowers are paired with certain events with beholden significance. Adding a well-crafted arrangement or set of floral elements adds that extra elegance and quiet glamor without being too over the top.

Tabletop Design Cohesion

What better way to knit together a set of tabletops than with floral arrangements and designs? Especially event planning in New York: tabletops can often get creative and need that extra piece to both detract from a possible variance in height and tabletop style and knit the theme throughout the venue.

Eco-Friendly Accents

Floral elements are some of the most eco-friendly accents you can implement in a New York event’s ambiance. What’s even better is there are often options that allow floral elements to serve more than one purpose, like making their way into a senior living facility to brighten a resident’s day.

Memorable Impressions

There’s nothing quite as impressive as well-thought-out floral designs at a New York event. Not only will those crafty little petals and greenery be the background and main subject of many a picture during the event, but guests will also talk about them for ages after the event ends.

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