5 Ways to Ensure Your Event Guests Are Entertained All Night Long

February 6, 2023 Jessica Stewart

As an event planning pro, your job is not just to successfully coordinate and plan an event. Your ultimate mastery lies in your ability to create lasting and memorable experiences for the guests. And to do that, you’ll need to ensure they’re entertained all night long. Here are some insights to incorporate into your event planning strategy to elevate every guest’s experience from the moment they arrive to the final farewell.

1. Music Is a Top Priority

Don’t skip or cut corners when it comes to booking music. Whether you’re bringing in the live band or the stellar DJ, spend some quality time planning the evening’s music selections. Get guests on the dance floor. Inspire them with soul-stirring performances or solos. And choose the tunes that work well with your venue layout and event theme that simultaneously engages and energizes guests.

2. Include Interactive Elements

From games and contests to interactive entertainers, look to infuse your event with hands-on and full-participation experiences. When the attendees feel like they’re included and have something fun to do while they’re already having fun being there, they’ll have a blast. Think casino themes with mock gambling. Think temporary tattoo artists and face painting. And you can even introduce a charitable element by partnering with a local animal shelter to bring in a few puppies for adoption.

3. Surprise Guests with Something Cool

If you really want to impress your event guests, surprise them with something cool. Book a celebrity mystery guest, for example. Delight your attendees with a surprise entertainer, like a magician, a mentalist, or a circus act. You can tease the element of surprise prior to the event and use that anticipation to keep guests on the edge of their seats right up until you announce the cool, surprise event element.

4. Keep the Food & Beverage Service Going

Whatever you do, don’t let your guests go hungry. And when they’re dancing the night away, you don’t want them to get thirsty either. Make sure you have plans with your venue and catering partners to keep the snacks and beverages flowing right up until the end of the event. Have hors d'oeuvres served right on the dance floor. Keep snack stations and dessert tables fully stocked. And provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages on-hand while your bar service is open.

5. Save the Best for Last

Studies show that up to 60% of event guests will leave the event or conference before it’s slated to finish. Prevent the early exits by saving some of your best event elements for last. Tease them up throughout the course of the event. And whether it’s your surprise element or a grand prize drawing, save the big incentives for the final hour if you want the majority of your guests to stick around for the duration.

Explore these insights and get inspired to develop new ideas for keeping your event guests entertained all night long. And make sure you’re an exhibitor at The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October if you really want to elevate your event planning services!

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