6 Unique Event Entertainment Ideas to Thrill Event Guests

March 6, 2023 Jessica Stewart

There are so many talented partners out there, just waiting for event planners like you to bring them in as event entertainment. And as a New York event planner yourself, you know how easy it is to slide into a rut with ideas. Yes, you’ll need music, either in live performances or with DJ professionals. But there’s even more to consider when it comes to infusing your New York event with unique and guest-raving fun. Check out some of these entertainment ideas and get inspired!

1. Escape Rooms Are Still Booming

There was a time when escape rooms were all the rage. Oh wait, they still are! Yes - if you have an event, corporate or social, that calls for some fun, yet intense entertainment, bring in the escape room activities. Guests love to solve puzzles, especially in groups. So whether you’re incorporating a small-scale escape room activity or a multi-layered, complex room scenario, your event attendees will love it.

2. AR & VR Are Always Insta-Worthy

You can never go wrong when you bring elements of innovative technology to your New York event. And both augmented reality and virtual reality activities are incredible ways to transport guests into new worlds for a little on-screen or headgear fun. Even those guests who don’t directly interact with AR or VR activities will still be standing by with devices in hand to capture those Insta-worthy moments of hilarity.

3. Visual Artists Delight the Masses

Not all of your event entertainment needs to be over-the-top energy to be effective and fun. In fact, many event planners have great attendee engagement success with smaller activations, like pianists or soloists. And even more fun are the visual artists you can bring to your event, like caricaturists, painters, face painting stations, glitter bars, and other solo artists. Guests will continue to be amazed as spectators for these types of entertainment options, too.

4. Side-Busting Comedy Acts (For the Win!)

Get the room giggling with a talented comedian or series of comedic acts. These entertainers are great at transforming dull rooms into erosions of laughter. They’re ideal icebreakers for large and small parties alike. And when you book the right talent, you’ll have guests raving about your New York event for weeks!

5. Interactive Food & Beverage

Imagine a do-it-yourself ice cream bar or a build-your-own dessert station. Your event guests will always be happy to interact when fun and exciting food and beverage options are available. And you can step up your game with a coffee artist who can design stunning smile-inspiring art on event guests’ lattes. 

6. Celebrity Appearances

When you’re hosting and curating an event in New York City, there’s one entertainment resource you’ll never run short of on your list - Celebrity guests. Nothing impresses or excites guests more than being in the room with some of their favorite celebrity performers, influencers, and stars. Consider rolling out the red carpet for a few iconic or notable figures and watch your event soar with excitement.

Get inspired for new event entertainment ideas with the few insights on this list. And remember, the best place to feed your inspiration is at The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October! You won’t believe who’s coming this year! Learn more about opportunities for sponsorship and exhibiting now!

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