8 Stage Performers Your Event Guests Will Love

May 27, 2023 Jessica Stewart

When it comes to event entertainment, as a New York event planner, you’ll have plenty of go-to options on your event services list. But your guests will always be hungry for something new, eager for the innovative, and craving the ultra-memorable stage performance. And if you're not wowing them with over-the-top entertainment, they're not going to have the experiences you'd hope they'd have. Start infusing each NYC event you plan with exciting and engaging performances. And get inspired to bring new acts to your event stages this year with these stage performers that event guests absolutely love!

1. Soul-Stirring Live Bands

There is nothing more lively and engaging than a live band performance. Dance floor or not, a live band just brings an atmosphere you can't find with any other entertainment. And depending on the NYC event you’re curating, a live band could be just the soul-stirring stage element you need to boost crowd excitement. Be mindful of your audience’s taste in music genre before booking your bands, so you know you’re picking a great-fit music option your event guests will love. And the perfect band selection can be great for any event type, from corporate to social.

2. Exhilarating DJ Services

If you need popular tunes and high-energy dance floor vibes, bring in the exhilarating DJ to pump the crowd and engage all night long! There are amazing DJ services in New York City to consider, too. Start adding a few highly-sought after mix-masters to your event services lists. And find those that have experience working with the type of event you're curating. The best DJs will bring the incredible energy needed to boost any crowd to their feet.

3. Stunning Classical Dancers

If your NYC event calls for more refined or elegant stage performers, consider bringing in a dance company of classical dancers to perform. Set the mood, bring the music, and delight your event guests with charming performances in any dance style. From ballet to contemporary dance, there are brilliant performers all around NYC, ready to take the stage and wow your event guests.

4. Mind-Boggling Magicians

Don’t just entertain your event guests when you can blow their minds with incredible magicians or mentalists as your stage performers. Feats that defy physics and simply awe the crowd are always great for event success. Find tons of highly-recommended magicians, including traditional performers and modern street-style performers, in and around NYC to add to your roster of event services partners.

5. Cirque-Style Acrobats

Dazzle your corporate event or milestone birthday party guests with a jaw-dropping stage performance from cirque-style acrobats. Imagine contortionists, flying trapeze acts, or incredible gymnast routines. These acts and talented performers are always crowd-pleasers in any event environment. 

6. Melodic Chamber Musicians

Another top stage performer to add to your event services vendor list is a company of talented chamber musicians. From cellists to pianists and including entire multi-piece orchestras, these upscale performers can complement any elegant event setting. And they can serve as your event's main stage entertainment or as soft, relaxing background music to boost ambiance.

7. Side-Busting Comedians

For those NYC events that have more of a laid-back or more celebratory atmosphere, consider welcoming hilarious comedians to your event stage. Like other entertainers, make sure you align the content with the crowd. But it’s always a great way to entertain, engage, and make a big impression with comedic talent. And there's no shortage of side-busting comedians in New York City who know precisely how to engage with an event audience. 

8. Game Show Hosts

Transform your event stage into a game show set and invite pro emcees to host your games. Involve the crowd and make this your mainline performance! It combines the wow factor and entertainment factor with experiential moments your event guests will be raving about long after your event is over. And you can get over-the-top creative with the types of games your performance includes, from traditional TV game-show favorites to wildly popular escape room challenges.

Are you inspired yet by new ideas and stage performance potential? Start infusing your New York events with top-notch talent in any form. And to boost your partnerships, get to The Event Planner Expo 2023, where you can get in the room with thousands of other event professionals, including New York City entertainers who can make your events incredible! Get tickets today!

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