Band or DJ: Which Is Really the Better Entertainment Option?

July 20, 2022 Desiree Homer

There’s an age-old debate within the events industry. Everyone knows the importance of quality entertainment for any event. But when it comes down to music, there are two distinct camps of thought. One side adamantly believes the live band or live performance music is the best way to go. Alternatively, the other side of the argument insists a lively, personable DJ is the only choice. So, where do you stand? And how do you talk with your New York event clients about selecting music for their events? Here are some pros and cons pointers to guide you into making the right choice for each unique event.

The Type of Event Will Help You Decide

The type of event you’re planning will call for different forms of entertainment. If it’s a corporate conference with guest speakers and breakout sessions, you might only need music to play a background role in the experience. And it might make more sense to have a DJ who can emcee the event, pointing guests to various segments, announcing meals, and guiding attendees through the itinerary. For more social events, including weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs, dance floors and disco balls are in order. And these types of New York events will call for more lively and direct interaction, ideal for a popular cover band or DJ service.

The New York Event Space Matters

Consider the New York event space and venue dynamics. Talk with your clients about choosing a music entertainer who will sound great, given the parameters of the space. Great acoustics will help you decide if a live band makes sense. Considering the equipment involved, speakers, sound, and lighting, you’ll want to make sure the venue will complement whichever music entertainment option you choose. And you simply may not have room for the live band, which traditionally takes up more floor space than a DJ.

Considering the Live Band

The live performing band brings added magic to the event. There’s extra excitement for guests who can watch talented musicians play incredible and fan-favorite songs. Live bands are available for hire in a variety of music genres, too, so you can always find the perfect-fit group for the audience. From jazz favorites to pop cover artists, you can bring an engaging element to the event. 

When the DJ Service Is the Better Choice

Live bands are almost always going to cost more to book than a traditional DJ service. If your event client has budget restraints, the DJ can be the more cost-effective selection. Additionally, a DJ is going to have access to play a wider variety of music than a band. If your event client wants to offer Country, R&B, and Pop, the DJ is the only way to go. And entertaining guest song requests will always go over well at social celebrations.

New York event planners who often hear the question, “which is better, the band or the DJ,” consider these key points. And you can always find more suggestions and pointers when you follow our ongoing blog series. The Event Planner Expo 2022 is coming up this October, too. Connect with us to book your exhibitor space today!

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