9 of the Coolest Bar/Bat Mitzvah Entertainment Options to Add to Your Event

July 14, 2022 Jessica Stewart

If you get everything right, from venue to catering, but miss the mark on the entertainment aspect of your bar/bat mitzvah, it just won’t be the memorable experience you’d hoped it would. Planning a bar/bat mitzvah involves a host of to-do lists, vendor vetting, and taste-testing. But how can you be sure you’re booking fun and exciting entertainment options for your guests and family? 

1. Consider What Entertainment Would Best Compliment Your Guests

This is a once-in-a-lifetime, special occasion that calls for celebration with countless family and friends. Consider those on your invite list before selecting your entertainment. What some of your older attendees might appreciate is a live band. But the children among the crowds might need some face painting or games to keep them happy for the duration of the event. Consider who will be attending and what they would enjoy most as you consider these fun bar/bat mitzvah ideas.

2. Emcee

Get yourself a fun and engaging emcee with direct experience chaperoning a bar/bat mitzvah. You need a kind of master of ceremonies to manage the flow and direction of your celebration. And choosing the wrong candidate for the job will lead to awkward silences, poorly communicated direction, and boring narratives. Instead, look for someone who’s confident he or she can take the reins and keep the momentum of your bar/bat mitzvah flowing. A great emcee will ensure your guests have the best time, only lending to a most memorable experience. 

3. Cocktail Hour Musicians 

Even if you have a DJ or live band lined up for your main entertainment, consider bringing in a cocktail hour musician or performer. During those first couple of hours of the bar/bat mitzvah celebration, guests will be arriving and mingling. But this time often also includes some waiting for dinner, the main attraction, and the guests of honor. Having a musician or performer for the cocktail hour will ensure there is something or someone entertaining those who are waiting for the next big phase of the celebration.

4. Photo Booths

Photo Booths are always a hit at a variety of events. But you can also explore more creative ideas, including red carpet themes, Hollywood backdrops, fun props, and hilarious accessories. Kids and adults alike will enjoy a little fun in front of the camera. And you’ll have a slew of incredible memories to add to your bar/bat mitzvah.

5. Dancers

Consider bringing in some bar/bat mitzvah entertainment in the form of dancers or dance performers. You can dedicate segments of the occasion where everyone can watch incredible moves. But you can also bring in those dancers who can wow the crowd with a dance-off routine designed to inspire others to join them on the dance floor, too.

6. Magicians

If you’re thinking magicians are just light entertainment for the kids, think again. Some magician acts are downright mystifying to adults, too. Consider introducing the awe and wonder of a talented magician for your bar/bat mitzvah, who can do more than a few handy card tricks. Your guests will be talking about it for days!

7. Temporary Tattoo Artists

You can always set up side “stations” of entertainment for guests to engage throughout the course of the celebration. Face painting and balloon animals are great for the littles. But sometimes, the teens and adults enjoy some artistic flair, too. Maybe a temporary tattoo artist or caricaturist is a great addition to your event. 

8. Hypnotists or Mentalists

Hypnotists and mentalists provide incredible entertainment with their fun interactions with the crowd. Consider bringing in someone who can pull a few members from the audience and get them to say or do funny stunts under hypnosis. They’re engaging acts to behold and can always be an exciting addition to your bar/bat mitzvah entertainment lineup.

9. Live Music or DJ

You simply must have music. Now, how you go about providing that music is entirely up to you. You can choose a great live band, including those who play crowd-pleasing cover tunes. Or you can opt for the wildly engaging DJ who has experience with bar/bat mitzvah celebrations. Make sure you choose someone who has all the latest hits as well as the classics to ensure all of your guests feel inspired to hit the dance floor.

Get creative with your bar/bat mitzvah entertainment options. Bring in the hoops tossing machine or the ice hockey table. Talk to your family about what they think would be a fun addition to your entertainment lineup. And if you feel overwhelmed with all the planning, let our team take the reins and handle all the planning for you! For more event planning tips and trending suggestions for bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, corporate events, and more keep up with our blog series

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