Escape Rooms for Your Event? Yes!

November 10, 2022 Desiree Homer

There is a growing trend among event planners. The wildly popular escape room idea is now making its way into all sorts of social and corporate events. As a New York event planner, you might be wondering if you should explore escape rooms as entertainment options for your events. The answer is YES! And here are some of the cool and fun benefits when you do.

Escape Rooms Are Mobile These Days

If you’ve ever experienced an escape room yourself, you know the premise. A group of your friends, or maybe even strangers, get locked in a room. Throughout the room are a series of mind-boggling clues and thought-provoking puzzles that must be solved before the door can be unlocked, thus escaping the room. But many escape room brands are innovating and taking their puzzle room challenges on the road. Explore the various mobile and traveling escape room entertainment companies available in New York City. It’s the new way to play!

Flexible Themes and Difficulty Levels

Escape rooms are great entertainment options for event planners because they’re so flexible with themes and levels of difficulty. Need family-friendly entertainment that’s suitable for children? Want complex, adult-level problem-solving challenges suitable for top performers in your company? Escape rooms can be customized to fit both!

Great for Corporate Team-Building Events

Escape rooms are inherently team-building events within themselves. So it naturally makes sense to introduce an escape room element into any team-building conferences, employee meetings, or corporate events you’re planning. Assemble groups who normally don’t work together and watch them problem-solve like pros, forming new communication and support relationships to get out of the escape room.

Incredible Memories and Social Promo Opportunities

Here’s the other thing about escape rooms; they’re incredibly fun. When you bring a mobile escape room to your conference or social gathering, you’re introducing an interactive and experiential engagement element people love. They’ll make lasting memories and take lots of selfies. They’ll promote how much fun they’re having, which is great for you. But the engagement factor is the real secret sauce. And when event guests are engaged and entertained properly, it’s great for you, your hosting client, and them.

Virtual Escape Rooms Are Fun, Too

Don’t forget escape rooms can be virtual, too. Since many New York event planners are branching out to offer virtual event planning services, consider exploring some of the many digital escape rooms you can bring into your on-screen engagements. Let remote attendees work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and work together!

When you’re working up ideas for event entertainment, don’t forget to add escape rooms to your list. Consider these benefits of bringing escape room elements to your event. And for more insights and innovative entertainment trends, make sure you get in the room with top industry professionals at The Event Planner Expo 2023! Get on the waitlist today!

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