Magicians, Photo Booths & Comedians: 6 Ways to Get Creative with Event Entertainment

August 22, 2022 Desiree Homer

One of the most significant and mission-critical elements of every event you plan is entertainment. From weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs to corporate parties and trade shows, great entertainment is essential. If you book a mediocre performer, that’s what guests will remember most. It won’t matter if every other aspect of the event is amazing. You botch the entertainment; your event will suffer.

That being said, you might just need some fresh ideas and inspiration. While some of the old entertainment staples, like DJs, live bands, and photo booths are still great options, here are a few other entertainment ideas to introduce the wow factor. Your events can be all the rage when you get creative with your entertainment elements.

1. Escape Rooms

Bring incredible team-building and teamwork dynamics to your corporate event or social gathering with a fun escape room adventure. Incorporate an escape room theme that speaks to your event or guests. And make the prizes just as fun and exciting as the puzzles themselves.

2. Bring in the Puppies

Everyone loves adorable puppies, and everyone can get behind charitable good works. As an event planner, you can harness both as part of your entertainment strategy when you work with an area shelter to bring adoptable pups for cuddling at an event. These types of community support initiatives work well for corporate events. But they can also be great awareness campaigns for driving local fundraising and assistance.

3. Celebrity Impersonators

When you can’t book the real celebrity, consider booking the celebrity impersonator! There are plenty of top-talent performers in New York City, too, ready to don the costumes and enact routines that will have your event attendees believing they’re in the presence of the real deal. Talk with your event clients about which celebrities might appeal to audiences most, and then book the next best thing!

4. Stage Performances

If your New York event or conference calls for stage performances, you can bring in a variety of engaging entertainment. Maybe comedians are in order to keep your audiences laughing. Other event entertainment might call for dance performances or acting skits. Get creative based on the entertainment preferences of your attendee list and book talent that will have them begging for encores.

5. Artists & Illustrators

New York City is swimming with artistic talent. Consider booking local artists to showcase their art pieces at your event. Maybe book caricaturists or local illustrators who can entertain guests with unique sketches worth taking home. These types of entertainers are great for events where children are in attendance, too, especially if there are craft corners where the littles can keep themselves busy with their own works of art.

6. Magicians & Illusionists

Delight and dazzle guests for your next New York event or conference with an incredible magician or illusionist as part of the event entertainment lineup. There are incredible acts that can incorporate humor and suspense, along with some audience participation for maximum engagement. Attendees will be stunned, left scratching their heads, wondering how they did it, and talking about your event for days.

Get inspired by some of these event entertainment ideas, and plan your best! And for more ideas and insights, make sure you attend The Event Planner Expo 2022 this October. Thousands of the events, hospitality, and marketing industries' best will be in attendance, ready to collaborate and grow their businesses! Get your tickets now!

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