5 Benefits of Booking the Right Entertainment for Your Next Event

August 4, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Here’s a nugget of event planning advice the veterans all swear by – entertainment will make or break your event. No matter how diligent and seasoned you are about planning every other detail, if your chosen entertainment is less than stellar, or if you omit the entertainment factor altogether, you’re destined for a mediocre and poorly engaging event. 

But there’s a fine line sometimes for New York event planners who want to adhere to their clients’ requests and still pull off an incredible event. For those conversations you need to have with your clients about investing time and budget into selecting the perfect entertainment, here is a list of core benefits and reasons to be smart about booking the best.

1. The Most Unforgettable Events Have Great Entertainment

Convey to your clients that the most memorable events are those that have unforgettable entertainment. Attendees might all have differing opinions about an event’s décor, menu selection, or seating arrangement. But a top-notch performance will always be a win, providing a memorable experience for all guests to take home with them.

2. The Right Entertainment Inspires Interaction

From bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings to company parties and corporate conferences, there will always be some event guests who prefer to sit on the sidelines. But as a New York event planner, you can make any event fun and interactive for even the shyest wallflowers with the right entertainment. A DJ or live band can get people on the dance floor with a variety of music. Magicians and comedians can engage with awe and laughter. And even wallflowers enjoy watching a caricaturist work. 

3. Breaking Up the Monotony 

Your event client might already have an itinerary in mind for the flow and schedule of the event. You can use this opportunity to have the “right entertainment” discussion and suggest an entertainment element as the best way to break up the monotony in a schedule. After the initial mingling fun has worn off, after guests have eaten their weight in hors d’oeuvres, and after the conversations have run dry, it’s the entertainment factor that will keep the party going. Guest speakers, music, and performers can all be great entertainment breaks to re-energize the audience.

4. Energize an Otherwise Tired Event

Some events inspire yawns just at their mention. New York event planners can overcome the misconception of a boring conference, corporate meeting, or tired reception with the right entertainment. Remind your clients that introducing the right entertainment, including dancers, fire-breathers, comedians, or celebrity impersonators, can be just the infusion of energy and excitement their event needs.

5. Not Just Any Entertainment Will Do

If your event client is convinced to book entertainment, you might still need to have the conversation about selecting the right entertainment. Booking their cousin’s college roommate’s band may not be the engagement element needed for this event. Talk about the importance of audience consideration, for example, if children will be in attendance who might enjoy face painting or a magic act. Reiterate the key differences between hiring an inexperienced DJ and a top-performing live band. And drive home how mission-critical it will be to properly vet and select the best-fit entertainment for maximum engagement. 

When your clients want to gloss over the entertainment conversation, consider these benefits as you convince them to be smart about choosing the right entertainment element. For more insights about New York events and planning strategies, keep up with our ongoing blog series of tips and suggestions. Don’t forget to mark your calendars this October, either. The Event Planner Expo 2022 is coming, and now’s the time to book your exhibitor or sponsorship space! We’ll be celebrating our 10-year anniversary of the Expo, and you won’t want to miss it!

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