Multi-Sensory Experiences That Will Impress Your Audience

February 20, 2019 Erica Maurer

When a Corporate Event Planner is searching for new event entertainment material, they usually have two things in mind, how to increase engagement and how to deliver an experience that will resonate with the audience.

Multi-sensory events are an ideal method to deliver on these two objectives because of their powerful ability to leave an imprint on the audience’s brain.

Corporate event planning ideas that stimulate multiple senses will create an inviting ambiance and boost engagement while guests interact and share.

Here’s how a Corporate Event Planner can use multi-sensory concepts in their events to impress the audience and deliver a thought-provoking experience for guests.

Strolling Personalities

These are not your typical candy & cigarette girls. In today’s day and age, strolling personalities are engaging entertainers that are outfitted in dream-like fashions.

Creativiva’s Artistic Director Lukas Cabalka moved multiple senses to make a big impression at the Wanderluxe Gala, which is a fundraiser for the Herbie Fund of SickKids presented by Air Canada.

Photo credit: Creativiva

In this image, rose essential oils were incorporated with the Rose Girls© costumes, which gave off the effect of roses drifting around the room as the performers drifted past guests.

Living Statues

Among the list of good corporate event planning ideas are anything that is Instagram worthy like placing living statues at your event. Not only is there a great chance it will be shared on social media, but it’s an amazing photo op for the audience.

Photo credit: Creativiva

Sensory Tunnels

A sensory tunnel is when a Corporate Event Planner employs sounds, lighting, touch, and smells. This style of entertainment may seem overwhelming when you try to figure out how to deliver entertainment that will entice numerous senses. But by creating a sensory tunnel, you’re allowing yourself room to sprinkle different moving parts to enhance the ambiance and trigger different senses.

Photo credit: Creativiva

In this event, the sensory tunnel created a calming zone. It was lit in green, filled with the scent of eucalyptus, and smelled of freshly cut grass as a soundtrack of calming music was playing in the background. Boom! A 4-for-1 sensory trigger.

Live Art Performances

Anywhere a Corporate Event Planner can add a touch of live performances is a plus. You’re not only providing entertainment but also opening the door for engagement. The point of corporate event planning ideas is to allow the ability to personalize the event in a way that is memorable to the audience, and why not create a masterpiece while you’re at it?

Photo credit: Creativiva

In this image, the artist is creating an exciting design as part of her performance as the audience stood around to watch. You could also ask the artist to incorporate audience participation in certain areas of the canvas as an added touch.

Graffiti and Sidewalk Artists

Graffiti or sidewalk chalk artists not only know how to produce a beautiful piece of art but also create a setting that is enjoyable to watch as they design their piece. Your guest’s senses will be fully involved because this sensory experience combines thrilling visuals, the scent of the materials being used, and the physical opportunity of touching the finished product. Afterwards, the final product becomes decor for your event.

Photo credit: Creativiva

In other words, a graffiti artist can provide entertainment in addition to a souvenir that can be personalized by including the guest’s name or event name on the art.

For more corporate event ideas that will impress your audience, be sure to select an event planning and marketing company that has experience in stimulating senses.

Feel free to contact The Event Planner Expo team to pair you with a company who knows how to deliver excellent entertainment ideas!

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