Hire These Top 14 Magicians for Your Corporate Event Entertainment

July 31, 2023 Mario Stewart

Event entertainment is one of the most important elements of any successful celebration, fundraiser, conference, or event. And in your quest, as a New York event planner, to bring a significant wow factor to your engagements, consider the entertainment value of a top-notch magician. These professionals can literally bring the magic to your event stage and boost the audience's excitement in a big way. Here are just a few of the top-performing magicians and magical acts to consider right here in New York City.

1. Madeleine The Magician

Known as the “pied piper” and the “Harry Potter Magician,” Madeleine The Magician is the “real deal.”

Website: https://www.madeleinethemagician.com/ 

2. Chris Anthony Magic

Wow your New York event guests with the most stunning sleight of hand and mind tricks from Chris Anthony Magic.

Website: https://www.chrisanthonymagic.com/ 

3. Illusionist Matias’ Live & Virtual Magic Shows

Some of the biggest brands and companies bring Matias in to dazzle their events as the newest, hottest illusionist and mentalist.

Website: https://magicianmatias.com/ 

4. Mega Magic - Magician Mike D’Urzo

Book the winner of the “Canadian Entertainer of the Year” award and delight your event guests with Mike D’Urzo’s jaw-dropping magic.

Website: https://www.megamagic.ca/ 

5. Hayden The Magician

Hayden The Magician is a modern magic performer capable of taking your event experience to the next level. And he fooled Penn & Teller, too!

Website: https://haydenismagic.com/ 

6. JS Magic

Jonathon Schumacher is the ultimate “party magician” with magic and awe-inspiring mentalism your event guests won’t experience anywhere else.

Website: https://jsmagic.nyc/ 

7. Steve Dane - Magician & Entertainer

Book the crowd-pleasing Steve Dane with his contemporary illusions, mental miracles, and amazing sleight of hand.

Website: http://stevedanemagic.com/home/ 

8. Sha’king Branch Magic

Sha’king Branch Magic is a Brooklyn-based magician with incredible feats of brilliance for all your New York events.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sha-king-branch-b8180966/ 

9. Allen He, The Magician

Allen He is NYC’s TOP magician and mentalist with more than 16 years of experience captivating event audiences and wowing guests.

Website: https://allenhemagician.com/ 

10. Suit & Tie Magic

Brandon Williams is the master behind Suit & Tie Magic, and his blending of style, elegance, and cutting-edge magic makes him one of the most sought-after in New York City.

Website: https://www.suitandtiemagic.com/ 

11. Eric Walton, Magician

Eric Walton is an NYC-based and award-winning magician and mentalist who performs at all kinds of events all over the US.

Website: https://www.ericwalton.com/ 

12. Matt Szat Magic

Deliver a stunning magic and mentalism performance at all your NYC events with Matt Szat, known for his ability to “rewrite the rules of magic!”

Website: https://www.mattszatmagic.com/ 

13. Randy Masters, Magician

Delight all your event guests with the brilliant acts of Randy Masters, the 15-year veteran of the arts known for his stunning street magic.

Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBULMU48dfNLP5RhjThQu2w 

14. Gary Ferrar: Magician & Mentalist

When event guests say things like, “This guy’s show is absolutely insane!” you know it’s going to be a knock-your-socks-off kind of magic show with Gary Ferrar.

Website: https://www.ahrealmagic.com/ 

Start exploring all the incredible acts and performers in New York City who can bring serious magic to all your social events, corporate conferences, and private parties! And get your VIP tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2023 to get in the room with all the best event entertainers to help you elevate your event-planning game!

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