11 Top Event Planner Podcasts to Tune Into Right Now

January 17, 2024 Mario Stewart

It seems that anyone and everyone has a podcast these days. But if you’re looking to grow your event planning business and really amplify your knowledge and creativity, some podcasts are must-listens. Today, we’ve wrangled a few of the top podcasts to add to your routine. 

1. How Great Events Happen

Tune into this podcast where Paulina Giusti, Alyssa Peltier, and Rachel Andrews discuss the latest industry trends and “the next big thing.” How Great Events Happen also provides strategies, tools, and resources to grow as an event professional.

2. Gathergeeks by Bizbash

Trust the Bizbash team behind the Gathergeeks podcast to bring all the hottest topics in the events industry to the table. These discussions are fun and relevant, chock-full of deep-dive conversations about attendee engagement, event lighting, and more.

3. Event Industry News Podcast

Check out the Event Industry News podcast for thought-provoking discussions about event technology, event design trends, attendee behavior, and event planning career moves. Get insights from all kinds of top contributors in the events space.

4. Skift Meetings Podcast

Find your creative inspiration with the innovative topics throughout the Skift Meetings podcast. Learn about the “experience economy,” event planning tips, and marketing best practices from leading voices.

5. Two Chicks, Three Seats

Get all the inside scoop on the hospitality industry’s absolute hottest topics, including news, marketing, and even food. Tune into Two Chicks, Three Seats with event guest interviews for deep-dive perspectives and energetic vibes.

6. Techystalk Unscripted

Go “behind the scenes” of the events industry with true “event hustlers” when you dial into Techystalk Unscripted. This event planner podcast really gets into event planning techniques and strategies, making it a top choice of podcast go-tos for today’s event pros.

7. Turn Of Events

Get the inside event scoop from Graham Wheeler and Laura Lopez of Social Tables when you tune into Turn Of Events. Hear in-depth interviews with high-caliber guests and event pros. Expect informative insights and entertainment value that will keep you coming back for more.

8. Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting Professionals

This podcast, brought to you by The Northstar Meetings Group, showcases all kinds of event topics. This is a great morning commute podcast where guests discuss the latest event trends, sustainability, inclusion, and technology. Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting Professionals is a great resource in the event planner’s toolbox.

9. The Meeting Planning Madness Podcast

This podcast may only be a bi-monthly production, but it packs an informative punch for sure. It’s 30 minutes of real-life event planning talk, including common mistakes and entrepreneurial challenges. The Meeting Planning Madness Podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in learning from the stories of others.

10. PlannersPod

This UK-based podcast is an absolute gem to add to your favorites list. James Eager and Toby Goodman take this series into the international events scene, discussing innovations and events experiences. PlannersPod is valuable for sharing marketing strategies, tips for growing your business, and planning monumental events.

11. Meeting Minds with Charles Eide

If you’re looking for a podcast to inspire you on how to improve your event guests’ experiences, look no further than the Meeting Minds with Charles Eide podcast series. Get into all the event logistics discussions for key strategies. From audiovisual trends and choosing venues to booking event speakers and avoiding mistakes, Charles covers it all.

Add these top event planning podcasts to your morning drive or favorites list. Staying on top of event trends is key to your success as an event planner. Surround yourself with informative insights from influencers in the industry. And remember, you can get in the room with even more top pros and experts at The Event Planner Expo 2024. Don’t just attend when you can showcase your business as a top contributor as an exhibitor on the trade show floor! Reserve your best spot now while you still can!

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