4 Traits of Today's Event Planning Entrepreneurs

October 8, 2022 Mario Stewart

You’ve read these lists before, right? What characteristics do today’s most successful entrepreneurs possess? But what if you discovered that there’s more to it than those generic listicles share? Looking beyond the given, the creativity, the motivation, and the event planning savvy, what are the real core traits successful entrepreneurs possess right now? And how are they finding their way to land more clients, book more events, and grow their business? This is the listicle you need to see.

1. A Boosted Level of Extroversion

The most successful event planners are natural extroverts. And it’s boosting that extroversion that leads to better networking, better sales techniques, better marketing vision, and industry knowledge. So, instead of trying to drill down into better strategies for each, consider focusing on your ability to put yourself out there. Be more visible and chart a path that forges new meetings, connections, and partnerships. Be bold and challenge your comfort zones. 

2. Rule Followers to an Extent

Of course, when you’re looking to be bold and innovative as an event planner, it can sometimes mean breaking the rules. And creatively, boundary-pushing is necessary. But the most successful entrepreneurs also recognize that some rule-following is rewarding. By rules, we mean those that apply to your attitude, your willpower, and your focus. Look inward and follow the proven methods for protecting your positive attitude. Develop the willpower to follow through on daily goals and stick to your schedules. And keep your focus on long-term goals by tackling small, manageable tasks that help you move the ball down the court. 

3. Empathy Is Second Nature

Being a leader in anything means also having a sense of openness and understanding of others. Yes, there has to be a pinpoint precision focus on yourself, your trajectory, and your business. However, the biggest, most successful leaders are incredible empaths. Understanding the other side, whether it’s your client, an invite list of attendees, vendors, or colleagues, will allow you to deliver and perform at a higher level in meeting the needs and preferences of others. And that is where true success lies.

4. They Never Cave to Pressure

The biggest, brightest, and best leaders out there will all tell you they have a low level of agreeableness. That’s not to say they’re necessarily disagreeable. It means they define their actions based on an authentic path and not caving under pressure or as a doormat. If something doesn’t look right, they fix it. If something is asked of them that seems unrealistic, they call it out and negotiate a more reasonable solution. This common trait of questioning things leads to a growing self-confidence since you’ll always feel better about the decisions you make.

So, yes, it’s important to be creative, have passion for event planning, embrace an optimistic lens, and to develop your vision. However, digging deeper, it’s these other core traits that separate the good event planners from the phenomenal event professionals. Look to make subtle improvements in your traits, and all those other aspects will improve!

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