5 Habits of Incredibly Successful Event Professionals

August 29, 2022 Desiree Homer

Not all New York event planners are created equal. The veteran event professionals will tell you that experience matters. And with every conference you plan, the more insights you gain. But there’s more. The most successful event planners are committed to a routine, and they develop certain habits that support their continued growth and learning. If you aim to be the most successful event planner you can be, these are the habits worth forming.

1. They Never Subscribe to Knowing It All

No matter how seasoned you believe you are in the events, hospitality, and marketing industries, there will always be more to learn. Additionally, there will be new techniques to explore, new strategies to study, and plenty of new people to meet. The most successful New York event planners know there is always room for growth, and they take deliberate steps to ensure they’re constantly positioned for learning.

2. They Commit to Healthy Work-Life Balance Efforts

Your life as an event planner is hectic, deadline-driven, and ever-changing. Those dynamics can impose stress in a big way. The most successful planning professionals, however, recognize the need for a healthy work-life balance. And they commit to a routine that allows them to step away from the emails, hit the gym in the morning, and take those seasonal vacations. Keeping your mind and focus fresh will ensure you perform your best for your event planning clients.

3. They Don’t Hesitate to Say ‘No’

In your continuous quest to grow your business and land more event clients, you might be inclined to take on projects outside of your wheelhouse. Or you might find yourself overbooking your schedule just to hit your sales goals. Don’t make that a habit, though, unless you want to find yourself headed for burnout. And when you’ve stretched yourself too thin, you risk making mistakes with your events. The most successful event planners make a habit of recognizing those instances when “no” is the best answer. It’s ok to decline if it allows you to perform your best with the event projects you already have.

4. They Embrace Technology Ongoing

In any industry, those brands and businesses that embrace new technology and innovations will always surge ahead. Successful event planners are always on the hunt for new apps, digital solutions, streamlined schedule trackers, and improved communication strategies. With the introduction of new technologies, you can be leveraging some of the most efficient and time-saving solutions, thus improving your services and bottom line. Don’t be afraid of tech, and don’t settle for the software advantages you think you have today. Test new products and leverage free trial periods wherever you can to continue evolving your processes. 

5. They’re Always Exploring Strategic Partnerships

You can’t be a successful event planner in a silo. You rely on teams of professionals to effectively plan every New York conference, trade show, corporate event, or social gathering. You NEED people to help you deliver your best event experiences. The most successful event planners dedicate time to networking, meeting people, and further developing the strategic relationships needed to perform their best. It’s the strategic partnership that will lead to new client referrals, innovative new event ideas, and improved service delivery.

Consider these five habits of the most successful event planners and start adopting new strategies for your business. And don’t forget; it's time to get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2022 this October, especially if you want to get in the room with top industry influencers, corporate decision-makers, and event professionals!

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