6 Effective Leaderships Skills of Today's Event Professionals

February 7, 2023 Desiree Homer

You’re not just a New York event planner. You're a leader who, with proper execution and strategy, can create extraordinary events and memorable experiences. As you seek to improve your skills and grow your knowledge, you can also be looking to sharpen those leadership skills. Here are some insights for leadership improvement.

1. Be an Inspirational Visionary

One of your greatest superpowers is your ability to create something incredible from nothing. Your creativity should also be a leadership skill worth cultivating, so you can inspire others with your event-planning vision. Share your ideas and look to use imagery that brings your creativity to life in a more tangible way. When event clients get excited about your ideas, you’ll close more deals. And when event attendees can get excited about an event or conference, the engagements will be more memorable.

2. Flexibility Under Pressure

Another trait that you’ve no doubt mastered is an ability to remain graceful under pressure. You know how to set rules for each event but are just as willing to change and adapt to emerging situations and challenges. Look for ways to improve those skills and become a more impactful leader as you demonstrate to others how to remain cool when things get hot. Share with your teams how you go about problem-solving, and they’ll learn how to act and react when they encounter similar scenarios, too.

3. Trustworthy and Reliable

You can’t become a leader within your event planning niche without building trust in your brand and services. And you won’t build any level of trust among your clients or event guests if you're not first, trustworthy and reliable. Be mindful to only promise what you can actually deliver. And be sure to follow through on every detail and service provision you put in place. Show up when you need to show up and be present when you’re required to be accountable. Your actions will demonstrate your skills as a leader.

4. Master Communicator

Event planners can always be looking for how to improve their communication skills. Being transparent and forthcoming about every event detail, especially when it comes to setting expectations, is critical to your success. But there are also vendors and other business relationships that will require continuous and authentic communication, as well. So, explore new channels and methods of communication to improve how you connect. And focus on setting timelines and reminders so you never miss an opportunity to share information frequently.

5. Positive Force to Be Reckoned With

You may not presume that maintaining your positive attitude is much of a leadership trait, but it may be the most valuable leadership tool in your arsenal. Leaders are positive forces to be reckoned with who laugh in the face of adversity. Be that force as an event planner who can overcome any obstacle, motivate any group to action, and problem-solve with a smile. People will flock to your magnetism in a big way, too, improving your business relationships and referral business.

6. Emotionally Intelligent

Creating events and conferences that resonate with your guests and clients means understanding how to tap into the emotional component of event planning. Cultivating your emotional intelligence will improve your leadership skills since you’ll be able to read any room, gauge any concerns, and identify any opportunities with ease. Look to learn more about how people make decisions and what they prefer. You can then take steps as a leader to authentically connect with anyone you engage.

Start realizing your true potential as a leader, not just an event planner. And be sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October to learn from some of the most brilliant leaders in the events industry!

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