6 Strategic Business Partnerships Every NYC Event Planner Needs

August 18, 2023 Desiree Homer

Event planners may be in the business of planning New York events. But what you really are is a relationship builder and people person, driven by strategic partnerships. You can’t curate a memorable event all by yourself, after all. And today’s event planners need these strategic relationships now more than ever. Today, we’ll share the roster of unique partners you should be targeting. And with these colleagues in your corner long term, you can continue to grow your business and create revolutionary events.

1. Venue Partnerships

Of all the important components of your event, the venue might be the most important. So, it only makes sense that you seek to build alliances and working relationships with some of New York City’s hottest and most attractive venues. Meet and network with several, but narrow down your strategic partnerships to a select few. Together, you and the venue can build a presence that attracts more events ongoing.

2. Event Sponsor Relationships

An often overlooked strategic relationship is one you build with potential and existing sponsors. When a brand or company enjoys a great sponsorship experience, you have a chance to build on that engagement. Follow up with past sponsors and build relationships with them, encouraging future sponsorship participation.

3. Entertainment Partners

Your New York events will only inspire yawns and early departures if you don’t have incredible and engaging entertainers. From keynote speakers and celebrity guests to comedians and magicians, entertainment partners are absolute must-haves. Look to cultivate relationships with all kinds of top performers, musicians, and DJs. And you’ll always have a strong bench of options for all your New York events and conferences. 

4. Food and Beverage Colleagues

Make an effort to cultivate great working and referral relationships with your favorite and most impressive catering partners. Having incredible food and beverage service colleagues ensures you always deliver mouth-watering fare at all your NYC events. And don’t just network with highly-recommended caterers. Be on the lookout for strategic partnerships with bartenders, mixologists, baristas, and bakery professionals, too.

5. Great Audiovisual and Technical Partners

No event becomes a sensation unless it has immersive experiences that include lights, signs, technology, and brilliant sound. And while some of your New York venues have in-house teams for audiovisual components, it’s always a good idea for event planners to have their own go-to professionals for lights and sound.

6. Other Event Planners 

Some of the most business-boosting and lucrative partnerships an event planner can have are those with other event professionals. While you’re always eager to outpace your competition, today’s events industry is driven more by collaboration. Together, you and other pros can significantly advance the collective success of everyone. And just imagine how mind-blowing your events can be when there are two of you working together in the planning.

Find All the Strategic Partners You Need at The Expo

So, what strategic partnerships do you still need to make this year to meet your business goals? If you’re short on any of these above-mentioned colleagues, there’s one place you have to be to meet them all. The Event Planner Expo 2023 invites thousands across the events industry, including entertainers, hospitality professionals, marketers, event services, and event planners. Secure your Expo tickets now so you can get in the room with the best of the best this October!

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