Corporate Event Trends: Companies Are Turning to Events to Prevent Stagnation

September 24, 2022 Desiree Homer

There is an emerging trend at the corporate and company leadership level. With all the talk of the tough hiring market and the buzz about silent quitting, employers are looking for new ways to prevent employee burnout and stagnation and to improve morale and retention. For event planners, this company-level challenge presents increased opportunities. More and more brands are turning to company events and conferences as a method to improve employee engagement. 

Employee Burnout Is a Real Problem

The challenge companies face today to hire and retain top talent is real. And employee burnout is equally challenging across almost all industries and segments. With overwhelming workloads, pay cuts, and poor work-life balance, employees are fleeing their jobs in droves in search of a more conducive work environment and rewarding career. As a result, company leaders are re-evaluating how they prioritize employee engagement and wellness. And keeping employees engaged and improving company culture are top concerns. 

The Latest on Silent Quitting

Silent quitting is a trend that points to employees who don’t outright quit their jobs. Rather, employees experiencing burnout or dissatisfaction are instead staying on the job but intentionally limiting their performance to the bare minimum needed to comply with the job description. More workers, from entry-level positions to executive-level roles, are unsubscribing from the “work is life” mantra and focusing more on their life priorities, including family, health, and professional growth.

A Pew study cited alarming stats during the “Great Resignation” of 2021. Lack of advancement opportunities, feeling disrespected or unvalued in the workplace, and low pay were among the top reasons employees left their posts. Last November saw the highest “quit rate” in 20 years. What employers are seeing now is the emergence of silent quitting, which can be just as detrimental to the company’s bottom line as vacant positions.

Company Leaders Need Engagement Solutions

Companies are quickly shifting their culture efforts and workforce dynamics to be more employee-focused. Employee benefits are being revisited, as are workload and performance metrics. But another trend is the widespread adoption of more company events. It’s the corporate event, company party, and employee recognition conference that help re-engage staff and improve morale.

The Opportunity for Event Planners

As companies lean into hosting more corporate events, company outings, and seasonal celebrations, event planners have a unique positioning opportunity to take advantage of this new market segment. As a New York event planner, consider reworking your sales and marketing strategy in a way that allows you to speak to those company leaders eager to use events as a method for employee engagement. 

There is a movement among business leaders and corporations to host more employee-focused events. Is your event planning business ready to take advantage of this trend?

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