Get More Leads: Are You Getting More Leads and Raising Bottom-Line Revenue?

June 10, 2022 Mario Stewart

Getting more leads for your New York event planning business is a top priority. You’re eager to get back on the scene after these last couple of years and remind New York you’re ready to plan some of the most incredible event experiences ever. But how well are you executing your lead generation strategy? Could you use some fresh ideas or best practices reminders? Keep reading. These are some of the tools and tricks you can leverage right now to improve your event planning lead flow.

Do a Pulse Check on Your Website

How’s your website? Event planners need to portray themselves as leading influencers with connections and a finger on the pulse of the latest trends. If your lead generation efforts direct potential clients to a boring, outdated, or less-than-incredible website, you could be losing them. Consider doing a pulse check on your company site and dive into the analytics. Make any necessary improvements to support your brand image, including any updated digital assets to build out a library of satisfied clients and testimonials.

How Engaging Is Your Social Media?

Simply having company profiles for your New York event planning business isn’t enough. Look for ways to improve your audience engagement with them. Schedule routine posts that share videos and images of successful events planned. Ask probing questions and encourage interactions. Be fun and infuse personality with a consistent social media calendar of content. You’ll find more leads will begin to flow, and more prospects will be reaching out to you for help with their event planning.

Are You Picking up the Phone?

No one really likes to make sales calls. But sometimes, it can be just the surge in leads you need to pick up the phone and start making connections. Create a script you can loosely follow with an icebreaker, reason for your call, and request for a meeting. Offer to send information on New York’s best event news or remind contacts to start planning for seasonal company events. Spend a day or two reaching out, putting a voice to your brand, and making connections to inspire new leads.

Email Marketing Is Still a Great Lead-Gen Tool

Email marketing is still a successful lead generation tool since most key decision-makers can’t go a day without checking their inboxes. Look for ways to create or improve your email marketing efforts. Share industry news, offer relevant details about your business or provide discounts to incentive prompt calls to action.

Paid Advertising Can Get Your Audiences Buzzing

Paid ads online can put a megaphone to your core message and get your audience buzzing. It’s also an incredible way to generate leads. Be smart about which paid ads you tap into and make sure you have the analytics you need to verify results. And remember, whether you explore pay-per-click, Google Ads, or Facebook Ads, you don’t have to do all of them at all times to be successful. Focus on one or two channels and dominate. Then review your metrics to quantify ROI results.

You can always explore other ways to increase lead generation results, including networking efforts and content marketing strategies. If you’re really interested in leveling up your event planning business, you can find all the lead-gen insights you’re looking for and more at The Event Planner Expo 2022 & 10-Year Anniversary Celebration this October. Engage with thousands of professionals and attendees. Learn from industry-leading guests and keynote speakers. And take away more from this 3-day event than you can from any ad campaign you run all year! Get tickets now or explore sponsorship and exhibitor options!

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