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July 31, 2023 Desiree Homer

(10 Universities with Event Programs Worth Exploring)

As an event planner in New York City, you know the valued importance of continued learning and skills development. The events industry is constantly evolving, and with it are new best practices, innovative new event technology, and changing event experiences to learn. Whether you’re just starting out as an event planning entrepreneur or you’re a veteran looking to explore additional educational opportunities, this is the list you need to see. Check out these universities and event planning programs worth exploring to boost your knowledge and expertise as a professional event planner.

1. New York University School of Professional Studies

New York University School of Professional Studies is a great resource for all New York event planners. There are a host of continuing education courses, each with its own pillars of fundamental studies. Explore these certificate programs and see which best suits your needs to help grow your business! From event-specific courses to general business applications, you'll find just what you need to grow your events business.

  • Event Planning and Design Certificate
  • Certificate in Events and Convention Management
  • Master’s in Event Management

2. New York Institute of Art & Design

Learn how to curate all types of events. Discover the art of client event relations. And gain all the must-know insights for running a successful event planning business with the New York Institute of Art & Design’s Event Planning Course. Get your free catalog to explore further and take advantage of featured offers and ongoing discounts. It's a great place to start exploring your continuing education opportunities right here in New York City.

3. Columbia State Community College

Explore the Hospitality and Tourism Management Technical Certificate from Columbia State Community College! Broaden your event planning skills further and learn about the hospitality industry and these course topics:

  • HMGT 1030 - Introduction to Hospitality Management
  • HMGT 1130 - Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
  • HMGT 1170 - Hospitality Sales and Marketing
  • HMGT 1300 - The Guest Experience
  • HMGT 1400 - Sanitation and Food Safety
  • HMGT 1500 - Regional Tourism
  • HMGT 1800 - Introduction to Event Management
  • HMGT 1931 - Co-op Education/Internship

4. Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business

Explore earning an Event Planning and Production Certificate from Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business. With a host of other courses, including management, business, and marketing, you can find all the educational resources you need to become a more successful event professional and entrepreneur.

5. Fashion Institute of Technology

Become an expert event planner of fashion and red-carpet events with a Fashion Events Certificate from the Fashion Institute of Technology! Check out the instructors online and prepare to learn all techniques needed for a successful event!

  • Two sessions: Advertising vs. PR, creating a client/brand profile, and reaching them with targeted events
  • Two sessions: In-store, trade show, showroom, product launches, and fashion shows as tools for marketing, PR, and sales
  • Three sessions: Pre and post-event strategies, including video teasers, virtual Q&A sessions, and hybrid meet and greets
  • Two sessions: Personal events, including marriage proposals, mini-monies, and micro weddings
  • Two sessions: Latest social media platforms for engagement and business
  • Two sessions: Virtual, hybrid, and in-person event sponsorships, partnerships, and collaborations
  • Two sessions: Legal basics, insurance, and contracts
  • One session: COVID and pandemic compliance for fashion and event planning

6. NYU School of Professional Studies and the Tisch Institute for Global Support

Check out the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality and all the educational and certification opportunities for continued learning. This is an innovative series of coursework where events industry leaders turn to develop their knowledge and skills in hospitality, travel, tourism, and event management. Explore all the NEW Masters Degree programs available.

  • NEW Master’s in Global Hospitality Management
  • NEW Master’s in Travel and Tourism Management
  • Master’s in Event Management

7. New York Institute of Technology

Go online and start browsing all the certificate programs and continued learning courses with the New York Institute of Technology to benefit your event planning business. Boost your marketing, human resources, business analytics, and business management. 

8. Long Island University 

Whether you’re looking for an official degree program or additional coursework for continuing education, Long Island University has plenty of opportunities for event planners. Explore these disciplines and start boosting your knowledge and expertise. Consider the Fundraising Academy, the School of Professional Studies, or the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Here are just a few of the topics in the catalog of options:

  • Agile Project Management
  • Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement
  • Introduction to Bookkeeping Essentials
  • Social Media Marketing & Web Design Basics for Local Businesses

9. St. John’s University

Discover insights and best practices from real-world event professionals about executing corporate events, conventions, festivals, fundraisers, weddings, and entertainment events. Students of the Events Management Minor Program at St. John’s University will gain the knowledge and tools needed for success in the future of the events industry. Courses include:

  • HMT 1000 or HMT 1005
  • HMT 1030 or MGT 1001
  • HMT 1061
  • Nine credits are chosen from the following: HMT 1000, HMT 1003, HMT 1005, HMT 1025, HMT 1030, HMT 1050, HMT 1065, HMT 1070, HMT 1071, or HMT 1073.

Any HMT course can be taken once a student has completed MGT 1001.

10. Queens College, The City University of New York

Advance your event planning career or start a new one in event management with all the events programs, courses, and certifications available at The City University of New York’s Queens College. Most of these continuing education options are intended for those who already have a Bachelor’s Degree. 

Start exploring these universities and college opportunities for continued learning and certification as an event planning professional in New York City. And immerse yourself in a three-day learning environment when you get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2023. It’s the event industry’s premier conference with high-energy networking, incredible keynote speakers (Gary Vaynerchuk is coming!), and endless opportunities to generate leads for your business! Get in on highly educational conversations with our panel experts, at our fireside chats, and during the innovative Speaker Series. It's the one annual conference for event planners you can't afford to miss!

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