Ready to Hire? 4 Ways to Attract Top Event Planning Candidates to Your Business

December 18, 2023 Desiree Homer

You’ve continued to focus your event planning business goals on growth, and here you are - bursting at the seams with new events to plan and not enough manpower or hours in the day. It’s time to start bringing in assistants, event planners, and administrative staff. But to really facilitate your company and brand growth in 2024, you can’t just hire anyone. You have to get selective about onboarding TOP TALENT to join your ranks. Today, we’re sharing valuable insights for attracting great additions to your event planning team. 

1. Get the Word Out About Your Company Growth

If you’re anticipating growth and a need for future hiring, get the word out now about it. Share “we’re growing” messages on social media and throughout your professional online networks. Tell your colleagues, vendors, friends, and family about potential opportunities for those interested in joining your team. Get the buzz going so you can accomplish two key objectives: 

  1. Send a message that you’re wildly successful and experiencing growth as a brand.
  2. Infuse your potential hire talent pool with referrals and candidates sent to you organically.

2. Give Top Talent Candidates What They Want

If you want to become a magnet for the best of the best in the events industry, you have to be great at giving today’s candidates what they want. This means providing opportunities for growth, a healthy company culture, and benefits that matter. Think beyond the salary and try to offer a compelling “employee value proposition” or EVP. And create layers of “benefits” that make every employee feel empowered, valued, engaged, and welcomed. These layers include:

  • Healthy work-life balance
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Opportunities for personal growth
  • Transparent communication
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Corporate responsibility and sustainability

3. Embrace Remote and Hybrid Workers

You might need an extra pair of event-planning hands here in New York City. But you don’t have to hire here to get the help you need to grow. Keep an open mind about remote and hybrid talent. There are incredible candidates out there who specialize in remote administrative work, social media management, content creation, and calendar management. Maybe one of these top-tier professionals can take on your marketing or administrative tasks, freeing up your time and energy for curating those local, hands-on events.

4. Meet Incredible Candidates and More at The Event Planner Expo

If you really want to learn more about growing your event planning business, get in the room with the event industry’s top minds for the best advice. From attracting talent to your business and discovering growth opportunities and trends, The Event Planner Expo 2024 is the one resource you can’t ignore. Thousands of event services professionals descend into NYC for this annual event. And setting up your exhibitor booth can be a great method for meeting new potential hires, along with forming strategic business partnerships and landing new clients!

Reserve your booth at The Expo, and let’s get you growing and scaling in a BIG way!

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