Stepping Back: 4 Benefits of Conducting the Mid-Year Pulse Check on Your Business

August 13, 2022 Desiree Homer

Here we are in August, just coming out of the first half of 2022. So, how’s your event planning business doing? Are you on point to hit your year-end goals? If you don’t know, that’s ok. But consider conducting a mid-year pulse check on your business to see if you’re tracking to meet your business objectives. Event planners can benefit immensely from stepping back and doing a business review.

1. Business Review and Reflection Requires Pause

To be really focused and objective about your business review, you’ll want to hit pause on your busy life and put yourself in the proper mindset to think of big-picture goals. This pause is likely needed, especially if you’re feeling stressed, rushed, and pressured on the daily. Give yourself absolute permission to step away for a day and really put yourself in an environment conducive to reflection. Bring your metrics and the goals you outlined before the year kicked off, so you can track your progress and authentically review your mid-year pace.

2. What to Examine During Your Pulse Check

When you’re in a quiet space and ready to review your business, there are certain components to look at first. Begin with your goals list, both for your event planning business and also for you as a professional New York event planner. Think about what progress you’d hoped to be making by mid-year and the challenges you anticipated. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How’s your 2020 business plan for growth holding up now that it’s August?
  • Are you winging it more than you’re following your roadmap?
  • Are you halfway to your revenue goals or growth metrics?
  • Do you feel your processes and systems are keeping up with your demand?
  • How healthy are your event planner budgets and cash flow?
  • Are you sticking with a marketing strategy that’s working?
  • How’s your retention rate?
  • Have you hired new team members for your business?
  • Are you confident you can still achieve year-end goals?

3. Identifying Areas of Improvement

Even if you feel your event planning business is on track to hit those benchmarks come December, taking the time to conduct a business review will still bring mistakes and setbacks to light. Consider creating a list of what you can be doing better, whether it’s giving yourself more space to find balance or following up better with past event clients. You’ll also find that when you tackle a shortlist of quick fixes, you’ll build confidence and momentum to set the pace for the last six months of the year. And buttoning up even small things will only make you better, more efficient, and primed for continued growth.

4. Involve Your Employees and Team-Build

Don’t forget to include your employees and teams when you’re reflecting on your mid-year business pulse check. You can send out surveys for them to complete anonymously or talk with them openly about how they feel about achieving company goals. Getting their feedback can serve as a team-building initiative, too, allowing them to feel heard. They’ll be more connected to the objectives, your brand, and success of the company.

You’ll have a far better chance of aligning with your year-end goals when you take the time to conduct a mid-year pulse check on your event planning business. And you’ll be able to leverage these other benefits, too. If, after your business review, you decide you need more help with event planner marketing strategies, outreach, or want to explore better methods for landing clients, let us help! And make sure you get your tickets for The Event Planner Expo 2022! Check out the remaining availability for sponsorships or become an exhibitor and boost your momentum to reach your revenue goals this year!

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