5 Benefits of Making Your Next Corporate Event Virtual

June 1, 2022 Desiree Homer

Virtual events aren’t new. But in recent years, New York event planners have mastered the art of tapping into virtual events for their corporate event clients. So, now that many are returning to in-person engagements is there still a place for the virtual option?

Many suggest yes. And there are incredible benefits of incorporating virtual engagements as part of your core event planning service offerings. Here are just a few of those worthwhile benefits, along with suggestions for making your virtual events spectacular. 

1. More Companies Are Embracing a Remote Workforce

There has been a mass movement to adopt and embrace a remote workforce or hybrid variation of one. Companies learned back in 2020 that employees could be just as productive from home as they could be in the office. And it also opened up hiring opportunities for businesses to onboard top talent from all around the world.

Now that companies are getting back to the in-person engagements for product launches, company meetings, and corporate parties, the virtual event option is becoming more viable in connecting those remote workforces. Not every employee on the invite list will be able to attend. But having a live digital feed at the in-person event, everyone can still enjoy the experience. Additionally, the virtual event method allows teammates to connect, putting faces to names and bringing collaborators together.

2. Virtual Corporate Events Can Be Cost-Effective

Incorporating a virtual event option can be incredibly cost-effective for the hosting company. Providing hotel accommodations for employees or guests around the country, along with covering travel costs, can get expensive. Today’s companies are learning that providing a virtual and in-person hybrid experience for those corporate events allows everyone to participate, without the hefty price tags associated with funding the necessary travel.

3. Hybrid Corporate Events Are the Preferred Engagements

Hybrid corporate events, where in-person engagements and digital engagements are both available, make it easier for everyone to connect. Event planners can promote other benefits, too, like better interactions between hosts, guest speakers, and audience members. Attendees both in the meeting room and on the screen can ask questions, share ideas, and comment in real-time. 

4. Improved Technology Improves Virtual Event Experiences 

Including a virtual corporate event element with your New Your event planning business means you’re also able to leverage some of the very latest technology to improve guest experiences. And there are metrics and analytics to track so you can provide your clients with results after the corporate event is over. 

Present relevant details like:

- Speaker Ratings 
- Guest & Attendee Retention
- Chat Activity Data
- Polling Responses & Rates
- Comparative Analysis for Both Virtual & In-Person Attendance

Another key benefit of providing a virtual corporate event experience, in tandem with the in-person engagement, involves the capability to record and preserve the event. Save important corporate messages or meeting details later and over time. Create a library of corporate event assets to share with new employees throughout the year. It’s a value proposition you can use to land more corporate event clients.

5. Making Your Next Virtual Event or Hybrid Corporate Event Spectacular

Putting on and planning for a great virtual corporate event involves more than just live-streaming. There are other details you’ll need to be aware of and engagement best practices to know. Here are a few actionable and easy-to-implement suggestions that will ensure your hybrid or entirely virtual corporate event is spectacular.

The Virtual Event Should Be Able to Stand Alone

While the virtual platform will work with the in-person event, design every aspect of the virtual event as if it were a stand-alone engagement. It will need its own precise experience metrics, goals, and budget, too.

Set Unique Goals for In-Person & Virtual Events

Décor and corporate event signage will matter more to your in-person guests than those who join the engagement online. Connect with your corporate event clients to discuss unique goals for both types of attendees, so you can carve out an ideal engagement that caters to each.

Virtual Guest & In-Person Pain Points Will Vary

Along with different goals, you’ll also need to address different pain points between virtual and in-person guests. You’ll check the audiovisual equipment so in-person guests can see and hear presentations and guest speakers, for example. You might also need to verify how your remote guests experience the audio and visual components of the event. 

Create the Virtual Event Plan Before Choosing the Platform

There are several different digital platforms for live-streaming events. But each presents its own pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Before selecting your platform or virtual event channel, build your hybrid plan first with your corporate client. You can then choose the best-fit platform that meets the clients’ goals and needs.

Don’t Talk at Them; Talk with Them

You know that when you’re planning any corporate event, it’s not about putting on a show or display. Instead, it’s about creating an engaging experience that attracts and delights guests. Presentations or speaking segments shouldn’t talk at attendees; rather, they should talk with attendees. The same strategy should also apply to your virtual event planning. Be mindful of including digitally attending guests, not just allowing them to watch the corporate event from a distance.

Create a Shorter, Virtual Version

During the in-person corporate event, the in-person attendees will have some downtime to themselves. They might order a drink, enjoy a meal, or make use of breakout sessions. Your online guests won’t benefit from that downtime or segregated itinerary breaks. For many New York event planners, offering to create a shorter, tighter virtual event can keep those remote guests from waiting between speakers or getting bored during those pauses in the in-person event.

New York event planners are realizing the many benefits of the virtual corporate event and hybrid event offering.

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