6 Characteristics of the Most Successful Trade Show Planners

April 22, 2022 Desiree Homer

For anyone who’s thinking about exploring a career as an event planner, there are a few characteristics the most successful possess. You can start by evaluating your strengths and skills to see if they align with those of the best trade show and event planners in New York. 

If you fall short, don’t fret. You can at least begin your new event planning business knowing what areas might require the most attention. And if all of these characteristics paint a picture that is inherently you, you certainly have what it's going to take to be a great event and trade show planner!

1. Problem Solvers at Their Core

Event and trade show planners may be primarily responsible for creating great event experiences. But let’s not ignore what they are at their core – they’re problem solvers. Clients will come to you because planning their own events is challenging. A successful event planner will embrace every potential obstacle with ease and clarity to find the solution every time.

2. Detail Masters

The most successful event planners in New York also happen to be detail masters. They see things clients don’t see. They anticipate nuances clients can’t imagine. And they are keenly aware that every small detail lends greater value to the overall event experience. If you’re a master of details, often hearing, “wow, I never thought of that” or “it didn’t even occur to us to think of this,” you might have what it takes to be a great event planner.

3. Organizational Titans

Event planning businesses are all about schedules, to-do lists, and time management. This is not the industry for those who “fly by the seat of their pants” or don't have contingency plans. The best of the best event planners are organizational titans, always with an awareness of what needs to be done and when. Executing a well-planned event takes a higher level of organizational flow. 

4. Resilient and Adaptable No Matter What

When you’re in the people business, responsible for creating engaging events, you also have to prepare for and expect changes. With so many working parts, from venue and staff to RSVP management and post-engagement follow-up, every event presents an opportunity for obstacles. The best event and trade show planners always remain calm and calculated, quickly adapting to shifting dynamics or overcoming new challenges. No matter what happens, your clients expect you to handle anything an event might throw at you.

5. Unbridled Enthusiasts with Creative Genius

Event and trade show planners often possess creative genius that most everyday people don’t have. Ideas come to them naturally, and they’re enthusiastic about bringing those ideas to life. The best event planners in New York will all tell you they love what they do, too. They get excited about working with new clients to discover fresh ways to create incredible engagements.

6. Communicate Like a Boss

Another key characteristic of the most successful trade show and event planners is they are masters of communication. Often extroverts with great strategies for conveying ideas, sharing insights, and communicating plans, event and trade show planners know how to deliver top-notch customer service. You can’t predict every problem that may arise. But how you communicate your resolution to those problems will lend directly to your customer service delivery. Clients don’t need to know everything all the time. But they love to know what’s happening at the various stages of event planning. And they also want to be reassured that you’re taking a leadership position in handling everything that goes into planning that perfect event or trade show. 

So, do you possess these characteristics of the most successful event and trade show planners? If you’re just getting started as an event planner or honing your skills as a veteran, you can learn more about launching and running a successful event planning business when you come to The Event Planner Expo 2022 and 10th Anniversary Celebration this October! Network with the best of the best and make ground-breaking connections to grow your event planning business to new heights!

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