6 Great Sustainable Event Rental Companies in NYC

March 8, 2024 Mario Stewart

When it comes to choosing the best event vendors for your New York events, you’ll also want to be mindful of choosing those partners who can bring sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. In New York City, these event rental companies are great potential options. It's crucial for event planners to prioritize eco-friendly practices and consider sustainable event rental companies in NYC. Connect with these pros and bring “green” efforts to all your NYC corporate and social events.

1. Broadway Party Rentals

Broadway Party Rentals offers a wide range of event rental items, including furniture, decor, lighting, and more. They prioritize sustainability by offering eco-friendly rental options and implementing green practices in their operations.

2. Patina Rentals

Patina Rentals specializes in vintage and eclectic event rentals, offering unique furniture, props, and decor items for events of all sizes. They emphasize sustainability by repurposing and upcycling materials, reducing waste, and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

3. RentQuest

RentQuest provides high-quality event rentals, including furniture, tableware, linens, and accessories. The team offers eco-friendly rental options made from sustainable materials and strives to minimize the environmental impact through responsible sourcing and recycling initiatives.

4. Party Rental Ltd.

Party Rental Ltd. is a leading event rental company offering a comprehensive selection of rental items. Connect with this team for tents, furniture, tabletop decor, and lighting. They also prioritize sustainability by implementing green initiatives, such as energy-efficient operations and eco-friendly product options.

5. ILA Penthouse

ILA Penthouse and FlowerSchool NY are both eco-friendly brands with sustainability priorities. Single-use plastics nor balloons are allowed with event rentals. And the team composts organic matter on a daily basis. Additionally, all of the available floral designs are “foam-free” and feature organic materials with reusable containers.

6. Big Dawg Party Rentals

Big Dawg Party Rentals offers a diverse range of event rental products and services, including tents, seating, tables, and more. The team embraces sustainability by offering eco-friendly rental options and promoting environmentally conscious practices in their operations.

Choosing sustainable event rental companies like these can help minimize environmental impact and create memorable events that align with eco-friendly values. As an event planner, knowing who to bring in when your event clients prefer sustainable event solutions is paramount. Find more “green” event services partners when you attend and exhibit at The Event Planner Expo 2024 this October! Book now while trade show spaces are still available! And find all the best partners and solutions to elevate your event planning business!

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